On a structure fire call, my captain told me to have my mask on but not on air when I get out of the truck. Of course I will follow his directions, but I was wondering if it's better to mask up before making entry. On some calls, captains got off the truck with their mask on, and their inital size up to dispatch was really difficult to understand, their mask was all foggy, and it's hard to understand their directions. That's just my opinion...brothers and sisters, what do you think?

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We put our masks on just before making entry into the structure or before attacking a car fire. Your right, your mask will fog up and your vision wont be as good putting the mask on before coming off the truck. However, if thats what your Capt wants give him your respect and do what he says.............................
Funny. If I was directed to do something in a manner that I strongly disagreed with, I would of course do it. Unless it would affect safety. I don't think there'd be all that much respect involved though...

Rank doesn't automatically mean a person is always correct. I've heard a person in my Brigade, a person with rank, give directions to recruits on a specific function - what he told them was incorrect. It was not a matter of safety, just functionality, so I wasn't about to correct him in front of everybody. If he told me to do things 'that way' though let us just say there'd be a discussion. Not that he's a person known for admitting he can be wrong.
OFF...you don't want your vision obscured when exiting the truck...good way to do a face plant and get hurt....besides you surely would fog up masked that early....unless you are ready to go on air in the truck.....LOLPut the mask on just prior to entering the structure.....BUT...I agree...if that's your orders you do as told.....I just would discuss it with him sometime around the Firehouse (non-confrontationally of course) Paul
it all depends on the officer that day or night i have had some tell us to put are mask on before exiting the truck and some before entring the structure I perfer before entering that way i also get a clear view of whats going on before entering
this is an ongoing issue in my company as well, some feel it should be on others (me) off. i think, having it on creates a tunnel vision effect. Too many times i see guy's get off the truck and run to the fire. if your mask is off as you approach the entry point you can discuss with you partner(s) what you see, which way you want to go, etc... it creates better communtication within your team. and you know everyone is ready.I like to talk quickly about what our building construction ,and how that willl affect operations note where the windows and doors are, and talk about a possible floor plan, where we expect stairwells and such. (dealing with mostly residential, and a wide variety of construction types)
I teach our younger guys to put it on when their ready to make entry, this way they can see the whole picture before entering, and I feel when the mask is on they're burning up valuable energy that could be used to fight the fire.
We are told to do what makes us comfortable. We have a couple rookies that have fogged up and tripped over things. Or not done a full size up cause they could not see. I have masked up in the truck because I was told to by a officer twice and I have complained but done it each time. I have personally talked to the officers and chief and hence the change in policy. Now I mask up before approaching the building after size up.
I agree with this as well.
This is extremely true. I agree with you completely. As you will see in my post I while not liking the decision did what I was ordered by my command officers.
Masking up without using the air is just plain dumb! If it makes things safer, why doesn't the driver mask up before leaving the station???

The answer, of course, is that wearing the mask reduces peripheral vision, reduces all vision when it fogs up, and it creates premature fatigue by making you re-breathe your own carbon dioxide so the crew gets tired faster.

The mask is designed to wear while breathing cylinder air. Use it as it's supposed to be used or don't use it.
Smart firefighters mask up immediately prior to entering the IDLH, and go on air as soon as they secure their hood, helmet, and gloves.
On just before entry not going to the scene
OFF!!! Saftey is #1 for everyone.

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