How do you know what is wrong and what is right?

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Well john it's a quater toss as to whether it's in the right categorie or not but let me tell ya that when that line is crossed in the fire house it's places a huge huge mistrust amongst the FF's and I know this first hand cause a"good" friend and "fellow" firefighter screwed around with my ex wife and do you "probably not" have any idea what that puts me in say if he goes down in a building and I'm R.I.T. Not saying I wouldn't save him as much as I'd like to leave the @$*%)(@ in there but I can't but you also have to take into account that my ass could get in a sling say if he didn't make it out OK and due to the history there they may think I did it on purpose and i'm all the sudden under investigation.So if you say that this doesn't belong here from where I stand you are extremely wrong.Maybe to appease you JorDona can go insert in the post "work related" for you.
Moved to off duty.
I heard a great quote, I don't recall who said it but

"Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer... but wish you didn't"
dosent matter where you get your apitight just as long as you eat at home flirting wont kill a marrige but jelousy will if you are uncomfertable it probly has ben taken to far
Your prerogative, WebChief, but this pertains to an on-duty issue.

simple, if you have to ask whats right and whats wrong, then you still have some growing up to do ,,,,


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