I have a question for everyone, has anyone ever had thier passion for the job (fire service), ever waver or felt like they were losing the passion?
If you have, what did you do to restore your passion for the job?

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I am currently experiencing this. Any ideas? My reason is admin. 

I'm trying different fire shows/movies, my next step is the book "Pride and Ownership, A Firefighters Love of the Job" book written by Chief Lasky

I bet it is fair to say that everyone goes through this at some point. I know I have ebbs and flows depending on things. The biggest thing tends to be the crew and the station banter that helps lift things. Although this can also hinder if you have a group that complains about everything, it makes it tough to love the job. Management can also play a role in morale and in today's fire service, it seems we lost the traditional chief role and we see more managers who could care less about the personnel. Micromanaging is a huge passion killer and leads to distrust on several levels. Calls themselves get old, especially the non-emergency frequent flyer calls.

How do you restore it, sometimes it helps to walk away for awhile. Not just the job itself, but take a break from the fire service in general, take a vacation. For a volunteer, take some time off from training, meetings, etc, put the pager down for a couple weeks. For career, take a vacation and for both stay off fire related sites, put down the social media and so forth. When you come back, ease back in and refocus. Appreciate the things you missed like the station banter or the crews etc. That's what worked for me.

I use a couple of things

1. Remember the day you received the phone call or request to come to the chief's office and were told you have been hired to XYZ fire department and your first day will be X? Remember how elated you were, how you could not wait to tell someone you were going to be a firefighter? Stop and remember those emotions again. It still is a truly unque and rewarding job, present conditions aside.

2. Go to a school, any place that has a few children and tell them you are a firefighter. better yet take your helmet and gear with you. Tell them what you are and enjoy the respect and praise you will get from a group of children for simply being a firefighter. They don't care how good of one you are, paid or volunteer, what your politics are etc.

Hnag in there brother the passion ebbs and flows with new bosses, politicians and yes even firefighters. It will get better!

At my first dept. as a probie the chief made us read that book.  It was one of our tasks we had to do in our first year.  Its a good book.  Everyone should give it a read.  If not there are a few youtube videos he put out that covers a lot of the same thing only quicker (for those of us with short attention spans)   But as to the original question I am in the same boat.  Stepped down from the last dept due to moving out of the area.  Now have the local dept right down the road.  Can see the station from the driveway.  Just dont have the drive to want to go down and apply.

John said:

I'm trying different fire shows/movies, my next step is the book "Pride and Ownership, A Firefighters Love of the Job" book written by Chief Lasky

I agree with whats been mentioned. We all go through periods of excitement an displeasure with what we do. However, the next call or opportunity to provide your service seems to change that viewpoint. Seeking more education or outlets for your experiences can certainly help.  In all my years in the service I never came to a place where I just didnt want to do it anymore. However, that being said I did come to a place where the BS of dealing with folks more interested in saving a buck brought me to a decision to get out of that position. But I have never lost the desire to help people or be there for them in time of need. I certainly miss the service an always will.

In past years I myself have talked to plenty of older guys whom don't come around as much as they used too, I asked the question What has pushed you away ? The most common answer I received was the fact that Training and attendance Requirements were their biggest problems. I also was told that The new generations were too Willing to train and learn and they were always around.

I also believe that Complacency on Department Heads and Officers cause many to shy away. My past department had A Chief with virtually No firefighting experience and little training, He was voted in by popularity which drove me out.

My current department approached me and asked me to join I hung out for a while before I made my decision and realized that they were very proactive band Pro member. Tradition is strong however change is never questioned. Everyone is created equal and given the same opportunity's. Our officers range anywhere from members with 5 years to those with 20+ years experience.

YES! Everyone has at times. Remember why you got in the fire service, how you felt when everything was new. A lot of the time it seems that outside events can bring this on such as trouble with your kids, budget, relationship etch. There will always be UPS and downs. Be sure to take care of yourself! Perhaps one may seek counseling or use an Employee Assistance Program. Aggressively seek training and education opportunities take every opportunity to share your experience with others. Focus on the positive and create better if for no other than yourself.

Remind yourself that YOU are the boss of YOU and you'll decide how you feel about things. Good luck brother.

"Most men are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

                                                    Abraham Lincoln  

In my opinion the best thing you can do is to make personal goals. Challenge yourself with something new. Take some classes outside of your area. If you want change then it needs to come from you. Don't look at thing in an adversarial way. If you do that is all you will find. Focus on the goal and not the distractions.

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