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I was hoping someone could give me a hand. I am looking for the NIOSH report from CDC for a fire in Pennsylvania that killed three firefighters in 2004. The address was Martin Luther Ave and 34th Street, warehosue fire, I believe they were found in the basement.


I have a summary of the report, and it states the fire was on March 14, 2004, but no matter how I search for it, I cannot find it. User Error for sure!


Thanks in Advance!

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Spanner, you magnificent specimen, you're all over the friggin' place with this one. The job you're referring to occurred not in Philly, but in Pittsburgh. Two, not three firefighters, were killed, not in a warehouse fire, but in a church fire. The fire occurred on 3/13/04. They were killed when the steeple collapsed into the church during overhaul. May I assume this is the job you're talking about?

At any rate, the NIOSH report I have on this is dated January 27, 2006. I'm a Luddite, so I have no idea how to email the friggin' thing to you. I guess if you Google it, you'll be able to find it. That help?


Thanks for the reply, Philly, my boy, but the fire I am looking for, was indeed a large warehourse fire where the firefighters perished in the basement.

Here is the Summary from the report.

On March 14, 2004 a 39-year-old career firefighter (Victim 1), a 43-year-old career Lieutenant (Victim 2) and a 26-year-old career firefighter (Victim 3) died in a major factory fire. All victims were engaged in firefighting operations in a basement containing a large fuel load of textile products. The fire had been burning for a prolonged period prior to firefighters being forced out of the basement due to heat. Two of the victims did not exit the structure and were located over an hour later. Victim 3 managed to evacuate but suffered severe burns whilst exiting and was transported to hospital in a critical condition and died ten days later. Victims 1 and 2 were pronounced dead at the scene.
The factory was located at the corner of Martin Luther Drive and 34th Street, Pennsylvania. The factory was two stories in height, with a basement below ground.


I attached a picture (or at least I tried to).  It's weird that I was able to find part of the report that someone else had put together, but not the actual full length report. Eeeeeeesh!!!






Something's amiss. In 2004 there were three seperate multiple LODD incidents involving a total of six firefighters. The job you're looking for must have occurred before or after 2004.

Yup, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that I cannot find another reference to this fire anywhere. I'm checking all years now, I wonder if it was New York?  I'm sure there is a Martin Luther and 34th there too!


Just to add - One firefighter was found 10 feet inside the roll up door, one was found in the basement, the third died ten days later due to infections from full thickness burns to his shoulders, neck and arms.

I wouldn't go by the street intersection to narrow it to FDNY. Most
cities have an MLK street or ave. more than.one of which will intersect 34th st.
I looked at Boston & Baltimore fir lodd in 04. found nothing dealing with a warehouse. You might ask Capcity, he might know about this LODD.

Ask captBZ he's usually a warehouse of imformation as well.



You can try searching the NIOSH website.  They may not have completed a report if for any reason the fire is still under investigation or other circumstances that may be keeping them from making a report at this time.  If you do not find anything on their website, try contacting them and speaking to someone in records they may be able to help you out.


Hope this helps, stay safe

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