I would just like a few questions answered without the (no they shouldn't be used - yes they should be used) I am just trying to collect information about each State and Province for stats. This is about Pov's.

1) Which State:

2) Which Province:

3) What color Light:

4) Is the Pov's in your State considerd an Emergency Vechile or is it a Courtesy Light:

5) Is the Pov's in your Province considerd and Emergency Vechile or is it a Courtesy Light:

6) Who issues the Light in your State:

7) Who issues the Light in your Province:

8) Who pays for the Light in your State:

9) Who pays for the Light in your Provicne:

If Volunteers that use Lgihts in their Pov's could answer these questions it would help me collect some important stats.

When I finish the collecting and prosses of the stats I will post them for everyone to see what the numbers are for and what they mean.

Thank you
Volunteer Firefighter

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State- PA

Vol. Firefighter/EMTs - Blue (courtesy)
Cheif's/Medics - Red (Emergency) can run siren
Limit 1 light visable 360 degrees or one dash light and one rear light
We buy our own (some depts issue)
All Must be Documented and sent to DOT
In Pennsylvania firefighters run blue lights. Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs have the option to run red lights and sirens. Blue lights are considered courtesy lights but red lights and sirens are emergency vehicles. Blue and red lights are regestered yearly with the state through the fire chief who descides who is or isn't allowed to use them. Individuals must buy their own blue lights. Some companies issue red lights and sirens to the Chief and Assistant Chief.
In (1)Georgia the flashing light law covers all non-DOT flashing lights: LEOs, Amber, Red, etc...

(2) RED flashing lights (Fire Fighters and Fire Apparatus) AMBER flashing lights (tow trucks, utilities, etc) require a Flashing Light Permit from the State. Volunteer Firefighters are exempt form the $2 fee for the permit. You MUST have an "audible warning device" (siren) when you have you RED flashing light on. All vehicles with a RED or AMBER flashing light which are not clearly marked as a Fire Engine or Ambulance must have a permit posted in the windshiled, including government-owned vehicles (i.e. water department vehicles with AMBER lights and the FD Support Vehicle, like a pickup truck, with RED lights).

WHITE flashing lights do not require any special permit. White "perimeter" strobes are legal without a permit and do not designate your vehicle as an "emergency vehicle" but do alert other drivers to you when you have them on.

A "flashing light" is defined as a rotating, flashing or strobe light. If you have been issued a RED Flashing light permit by the state, your POV is an emergency vehicle (4).

Departments may issue lights, but most commonly they are privately owned flashing lights (6)(7).


1) Which State: Missouri

2) What color Light: Blue/Blue-White visible 360 deg around entire vehicle.

3) Is the Pov's in your State considerd an Emergency Vechile or is it a Courtesy Light: POV are Emergency as long as responding to Fire/EMS calls. A siren is required whenever running lights. Allowed 10mph over posted speed limits and can proceed through red lights/stop signs after coming to a complete stop and verifying intersection is clear.

4) Who issues the Light in your State: Chief has to issue permit

5) Who pays for the Light in your State: Volunteer has to buy/provide his own light/siren.


POV - Red w/ 360 degree visbility & siren permitted as an option  (Most VFD chiefs do not allow sirens)

(Apparatus - Red with up to 50% blue on the rear.)

Emergency Vehicle.

Light permit issued by the fire departments/districts.

In almost all cases lights are paid for by the members. I know of no departments where they are issued by the department.


Taking a few minutes from a rather eventful week I posit the following:
After 2 years, why no comment from the OP
What is the relevance of this *survey*?
Given some fundamental misspelling I question the validity of any forthcoming *results*.
Please note - I am NOT challenging the issue of POV lights, ONLY the relevance of the post. Let's face it folks, like barking dogs one starts, others follow and yet, NOT one word from the OP, so again, what's the relevance? I suspect little more than one person's curiosity.
I now return you to your regular program.

ruff, ruff, ruff,.......ruff, ruff, ruff,






4-courtesy light

5-only if designated by the dept/dist as such

6-state does not issue


8-you pay


 NS V&T  Article 9

 Equipment of motor vehicles and motorcycles.§ 375 (41).

Colored and flashing lights.

Blue light. One blue light may be affixed to any motor vehicle owned by a volunteer member of a fire department or on a motor vehicle owned by a member of such person`s family residing in the same household or by a business enterprise in which such person has a proprietary interest or by which he is employed, provided such volunteer fireman has been authorized in writing to so affix a blue light by the chief of the fire department or company of which he is a member, which authorization shall be subject to revocation at any time by the chief who issued the same or his successor in office. Such blue light may be displayed by such volunteer fireman on such a vehicle only when engaged in an emergency operation.


Haven't seen TN yet. We buy our own. No approval needed. Red for fire. Blue is only police. They are very strict about that. You need an ID to buy blue. POV must have license plate acceptable. F tag is for fire, RS for Rescue Squad, FOB for Police. You need an approval letter from the dept. to gain any of these license plates. That is the tool used to screen emergency personnel. POV must obey laws and only proceed through red lights when permission is granted by other operators. What ever you do, anywhere, do not run 4 way flashers to call. Insurance companies tell us that all the time.

Great subject Art. Enjoyed reading about the other states regs. I am old school though. RED for FIRE

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