We all have those calls that make us laugh or make us wanna slap the sense back into someone...both on the fire side and ems so lets here em.....come on dispatchers you have to have some of the best...lol.

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Firemen Good Night!
Come soon .... soon she is having .. and now we see the head coming out, soon my house is at location (X) HURRY HURRY .. He hung up the phone, the emergency ambulance came quickly to the local .. and what was the astonishment when they saw that it was a mare having a foal!!
Imagine the face of firefighters .....

Yeah that's pretty bad. But if that had been reported properly (along with MANY other calls) it would have been an Alpha call, and then we would have been changed to the accident.
And gerbils thought they had it bad in a glass case with a wheel to run in. That one sounded like he was in solitary confinement.
"Forgot" about it - what the hell else had he sent up that vent hole which caused him to lose track of how many items went in and how many came out ???
responded to MVA vehicle vs bicycle... asked the pt on the bicycle what happened and they told me that they were riding along and a little birdy flew up beside him and he called out the fellas name, he said he turned to see what the bird wanted and ran into a parked car haha needless to say he repeated his story a few more time so everyone else got a laugh like i got...
Did you find out his sexual preferences ie male , female or gerbil.
human, vegetable, mineral, or animal...

since human and animal come in gender - male and female - maybe he likes girl animals... they can't be any more crazy than girl humans ?
now that's just plain funny right there - i don't care who ya are !!!
Laughed till I cried, how did the movie end?
Never know, they are girls right? Lol. Kidding!
the one that seems the funniest to me was "joe vs the deer". I first heard this in one of my fire investigation classes while on break. The guy is driving down the road and hits a deer, puts it in his car thinking it is dead and then it bites him in the neck and kicks the hell out of his car. He pulls over to a phone booth and while walking over to use it a dog jumps him. Then he was stuck in the phone booth and dials 911. The only reason why he called was that he was wondering if he gets the deer or the dog gets the deer. CLASSIC!!!

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