Firefighter Jeopardy, that is. The rules are simple, someone post the answer, then the next person to come along posts the actual answer in the form of a question. That same person who answers in the form of a question is to then post the answer for the next person to come along. Keep it firefighter related, try your hardest not to cheat(i.e. Google, Bing, Ask, you firefighter literature)... I mean, this is an honorable profession, right?


We'll start out simple.

"I'll take Fire Science for $100, Alex."

Answer; Oxygen, heat and fuel.

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What is combustion?

There are around 30,000 of these in the US
Devon: What are the four parts of the fire tetrahedron.
Derek: What is a fog curtain?
PASS device


This NFPA standard regulates apparatus.
Hey Derek, I meant a person. Sorry man. It's hard to keep up here now. If you miss 4 hours of it you've lost several!!!
ANSWER: On a fog nozzle, this stream pattern is set at 15-45 degrees.

What is narrow fog?

Answer; This tactic is used by firing short, straight stream bursts into the ceiling when flashover appears imminent.

Ach! How did I get so far behind!?!
What is 1901?
What is penciling?

The only knot that can be properly tied when using webbing.
What is the water knot?


this knot is used to hoist a ladder
I was going for "narrow fog" pattern.
What is a clove hitch backed up with several half hitches?


This is the percentage a rope is weakened by tying a knot into it.
An aside....

The water know is what is used to join to pieces or ends of webbing together. Overhand knots are also used in webbing.

This is the percentage a rope is weakened by tying a knot into it.

So, since this sat for 8 hours......

What is 50%?

This is the fitting that is required on all new SCBA for RIT operations.

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