I guess it is the newest "thing" for vehicles, and I have started seeing these more frequently. I'm talking about the "Lamborghini" style doors. These are the doors which swing up toward the front of the vehicle.There are many different manufacturers of the kits to convert almost any make or model of car or truck on the road.

From what I have seen, there appears to be a single hinge with either manual gas filled struts behind the front fenders, or there is an electrically operated assembly which I am presuming to be a hydraulic cylinder, for opening and closing the vehicle door.

We have as yet not had the pleasure of trying to extricate someone from a vehicle and remove one of these doors. I am curious whether others have been fortunate enough to have encountered these yet and if so, would there be anything which needs to be considered prior to removing the door, especially when it comes to the safety of rescuers, and patients.

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My Opinion, not based on any hard facts. lol

Other than being extra careful near the piston that controls the speed of the door opening, I would assume the suicide door to be like any other door extrication. I can't imagine it would be all that comfortable to work on either. Do you think you could get the spreaders in the window opening from top towards the bottom, cut the door pin and the pin holding the piston arm? You will get the piston arm to snap into itself but should not cause any harm to the patient or the firefighter operating the tools. Great topic, I look forward to more responses.

I have seen this type of door up close, and from what I saw the conversion kits are fairly "flimsy" around the hinge section. I don't think it would be a problem to spread them like any normal door. I think I would try popping the latch side (rear of door) with spreaders or a combi tool first and rip the hinge side with the spreaders or combi. Maybe even cut the hinge clean off with the shears? (the one I saw bolted on so it may even be easier / quicker to just unbolt the hinged side) I'd love to find a ricer to experiment with though! Not many lambo's hanging round the wreckers....
Cheers, Chris

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