check out my Females in the Fire service Group. I am not man bashing at all. I am just stating that i believe women that can do the job deserve equality!!! I do understand that there are women out there that cant...'cuz I have them on my department TOO, however those are the ones that give chics like me who love to get dirty and get hot ( in a fire the that is) a bad name. Tell me your thoughts.

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I know a little something about discrimination, prejudice, and inequality. I face these factors everyday. It is often the case that the discrimination that any group faces is usually perpetuated by a small number in that group. For example, no matter how good of a FF you may be, there are a few female FF's who really give you a bad name and make it harder for women in general because they either can't or aren't expected to do the same job. Now, on the other hand, it is the ignorance of those who believe that those few woman are the representatives of the entire gender and that all women are like them. You're right, the Fire Service has always been a boy's club who looked and thought alike and there was a time where neither you or I would be FF's. It is very egotistical to judge an entire group of anythings by just one or two examples. Sexism is just like racism and in my own humble opinion, all we can do is work harder to keep breaking stereotypes and crushing prejudices. I could go on and on, but I do not want to offend anyone. so, in closing you have my utmost support and keep working hard.
Ok I am so Sick of this Female issue...
I have actually been turned down for a volunteer fire position in my hometown, because I am a woman!!!
but also a certified firefighter...
I was approached by one of the old men after I was turned down... He said "in the history of the ******* Fire department, we never have and ever will have a WOMAN"

But oh well...
This is my advice to all you females out there!!!

Be one of the guys!
If you are doing this job because you truly love it... Then do your job
Don't make your career into a women's rights bullsh*t
Those who say I want equal respect better be able to take on equal duties.
Brotherhood means Brotherhood. (guys or gals)

Blend in and be one of the guys, don't try making a name for yourself.
Best advice I ever got!
My fellow bros really think alot of me I can say that they would go in a burning structure with me before they would some of the other guys. And i respect them for that I do alot of training with this guys and they know that I can do the job what ever it may be. I wish u the best. Stay safe and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!1
It should not have anything to do with your plumbing. The only thing that matters is if you do the job or not. As mentioned many times there are females that can do the job better than some men. We have only 1 female on our department but like Heather said our guys would rather be inside with her than some of our male firefighters.
amen brother!
Really?!? I'm sure we could dive into it again, just for you. ; )
This post is truly embarassing!Girls like you who say things like "chic who loves to get dirty and get hot"are what give women a bad name.Nine times out of ten the other women on your department think you're the one who can't do the job and are giving them a bad name.If you are worthy of respect in the fire service,you'll get it.
My captain is female and yes she knows what is going on her heart is more for the ems but she will still bunk out and stand beside us she mainly stays outside because we are a combo fd and she knows how to talk to the vollies and assign them were to go and what to do
oh well im for it sorry lol
Firefighting - Not Just for Men Anymore!
Shocking isn't it?lol
I have worked with and under several women in my fire career. As with Female police officers, I have no bias towards them. If a woman goes through the same training and completes it just as well as a male counterpart, then I am glad to have them on my crew. We are so far from the days where women were supposed to only be "barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen" that the issues of women vs men in the fire service shouldn't even be a consideration. Of course, my mother and father raised me right, so I never have felt that the woman's place is strictly in the home. For most of my late childhood and early teens, my mother worked all the time, but she was also always home to care of my sister and I, since our father, a retired police officer worked alot as well. As I said earlier, I have worked with and under several women in my fire career and I have seen as much of the same work ethic out of them as I have my male crewmembers... I am all for any woman who wishes to become a firefighter, paramedic, EMT or police officer. At times, I find that women cope with some of our job stresses better than us males.... For example, some women just know how to talk to a child easier than some men, which is an important aspect in many of our dealings with the communities we serve...

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