i am a vollie and have been for 2 1/2 yr now and i have been going through all the classes and training to get on paid. that being said i had my first interview and agility test with a major dept and all i can say is damn! i did that agility test and it was a 10 min endurance test you had ten min to complete.well i passed in 8 min flat and thought i was going to pass out.as a vollie i got a big head going into the test like o it is just going to be a dummy drag etc nothing i have never done before...boy was i wrong!!! that was by far the hardest thing i have ever endured and i was in the military. they said they had to do that as paid ff 1 time a year. so to all you paid guys i finally see the difference in why you are paid and vollies arent. i got accepted tho and start fire academy in may...thanks for all the advice yall gave me the other day... stay safe

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Congrats on being Excepted brother.. Stay safe out there in the paid firefighter world LOL... Good Luck. I am glad to hear you passed...

Cody Baker
congrats and keep up the good work... good luck
Congrats, way to go:)
Congrats on getting in, I have heard it is a tough test and have finally gotten myself into a good workout routine, Keep up the good work and be safe Brother. Congrats again.
Politics and financial budgeting knowledge isn't a requirement for hiring him obivously . I also think clarity by Jeremy on that statement is needed. TCSS
My how quickly they forget. You have managed in just a few poorly drafted sentences to send a message that volunteer firefighters (not vollies) are less prepared and in poorer condition than paid firefighters. The message even hints that volunteer firefighters are inferior to career firefighters. Mr. Bell with your 2 1/2 years of fire service wisdom, I certainly hope that your mindset changes for the better.

I can assure you Mr. Bell, I work with both volunteer and career firefighters at my organization and there is absolutely no difference in skill, knowledge, or fitness level. The only difference is one group gets a paycheck to put their life on the line and the other group doesn't.
Oh how soon one forgets the nights coming in from work and tired as tired can be and the tones drop and you respond. And you volunteer for it. Oh how soon one forgets that yes being paid ff is the utmost high but what would have given you the chance to become a firefighter to learn some good basics if it had not been for the volunteer service. You said you were in the service okay troop u forgot the golden rule we are all part of the team in the foxholes with the chit flying our way. When a member of that team drops we are weakened as a whole. Yes be proud you are a paid ff but dont forget your roots, after all it just might be a volunteer who saves you one day.
Jeremy, after reading the previous responses to your post, I have to agree that the tone of your writing made vollies sound inferior to "Pro's." Now having said that... I also can understand (just being two years in myself) that I would be extremely excited to have passed the CPAT and gotten the acceptence to fire academy. So... I know that you did not want to send out the message that you did by writing that.

Being as excited as you are though, I have to warn you to watch out for that big head syndrome. I only say this because it happened to one of my lieutenants on my vollie dept. When I got on, this guy was the training officer; so I was working closely with him on a weekly basis on everything that was involved in the fire service. He was a real cool, laid back, friendly, all around good guy... he had also been trying to get onto a paid dept.

After I had been on about a year, he was hired by a paid city dept. about twenty miles up the road from my town. Of course he was excited; he had every right to be. Quickly that excitment turned into pride, and the pride quickly turned him into a totally different person. Guess what... he still has this attitude when he comes down to our station and makes sure he tells everyone how everything is nicer where he works, how everyone is smarter, how they run more calls, etc... you get the point... now nobody can stand to look at this guy.

I can understand why you are so excited Jeremy because I would be too... You should be proud that you did awesome on the CPAT and that you were accepted to the academy... just dont let what happened to my training officer happen to you

Stay safe brother and good luck in the academy!!!!!!!!!
"Excepted" maybe FFN should have a spell check feature
thanks for accepting my apology after i read it i felt like a real ass
Yo bro smoke the intial training and do what you got to do and remember as the ol song says you got to know where you been afore you know where you are a going ----
Keep focusing on what is important probie, and not what you see in the movies. Remember your roots and how you got to be a firefighter...who trained you and prepared you to be where you are going today? What is most important to a firefighter? Teamwork...We work together to accomplish the same goals...Helping people.

Loose the ego and remember that you are still on the bottom working up, you still need to earn respect and experience. Good luck to you in probie school, stay safe and learn from the instructors.

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