well i just got back from my doctor yeaterday and she thinks i have kidney stones... i am in severe pain but the closest i can get into a urologist is march 24th!! does anyone have any tips to help with the pain? I have training thursday and i really cant miss it... I dont know what my doctor wants me to do to put up with this for the next month!!


update 2/25/09
(Just went and got an ultrasound, i have what basically is sand in my ovaries, so there very very small stones but all my pain is from the huge ovarian cyst that i have that is about to pop... so im jiust great by now...)

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Not sure what you can do, maybe look on webMD and see if they have anything. I cannot imagine the pain you are in Jess. Good luck and get well soon Sister.
Jessica, went through this myself. Auch! its nasty pain. Other then seeing another doctor or pain pills I am not aware of anything. I ended up in the hospital after being transported by Ambulance. The pain gets steadily worse until its un-bearable. Not something your gonna want to live with either. Good luck.
Hi....Been there done that....not much fun either....Not much you can do except really pump the fluids...cranberry juice seems to help prevent them...but once you have one it has to pass...So drink lots and lots, screen all your urine..(if you pass a stone or a piece of one keep it and bring it to your Dr. they will send it for analysis... Good luck.....Paul...it may not seem it but the discomfort does pass......
the only medicine they gave me is pyridium which help a little but my back hurts so bad!! yall aren't given me much hope for this to go away lol thank you for your advice!!

btw im sick of cranberry juice, its nasty but if it will help this i'll chug the bottle

thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had the same problem about two years ago. They kept trying to put me off and finally I just went to the ER and they ended up admitting me and they removed the problem stones that day. I was home that evening with very little limitations.It will all depend on how big they are and if they and if they need to install a stint after they remove the stones.
Good luck and stay strong.
I have had kidney stones off and on for four yrs. Take Motrin and soak in the bath tub twice daily. The hot water helps a little. You don't necessarily have to see a urologist for them either. A family physician can take care of them. if the come back the a specialist would be good to see. Hope you feel better :)
Jess --
No training is ever worth compromising your health. If your kidney stones are causing you pain and you can't go to training, that's OKAY!!! I had mono for 6 weeks over the summer and had to go out of service completely. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and take care of yourself!
Just lay off the iced tea for awhile.
Drink lots of fluids but keep away from soda and caffeine. Ibuprofen ( Motrin, Advil) may help with the pain as long as it is not contraindicated for you by your MD. Warm, moist heat i.e. hot tub, shower or soak a towel in hot water, stuff it in a zip top bag and put it on your back. Pyridium is usually only prescribed for infection not stones, did this start off as a UTI? I would be concerned that you have nephritis ( kidney infection) in addition to the possible stone. Did you give a clean catch urine specimen? If you didn't and the pain continues or worsens or you develop a fever go to the ED as you may need some immediate attention.
By the way, Pyridium will make you urinate bright orange and may also stain your contacts if you wear any. The usual directions are to remove contacts for the duration of your prescription.
Good Luck, Feel Better
yes i have had over 9 uti's since last january.... i thought this was one but they said my infection count was so small i shouldn't even be feeling it.. and they referred me to the urologist because they dont have the right equipment to do a catscan

Take it easy Jess. I'm afraid you have to skip your scheduled training. I agree with LadyChaplain it's not worth it. I understand it sucks and love to be with the crew together during your training. But one advantage you have - your young. You have next time. Follow your doctors orders.

If you still want to involve with your group. I believe, you have a light duty assignment tasks that your advisers need help with.

Take care yourself Jess

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