A suburban Kansas City firefighter has died while searching a burning home.

The Kansas City Star reported that the name of the six-year veteran has not been released.

Neighbors told firefighters who responded to the Saturday night fire that there could be two people and a dog inside the Shawnee home. A short time later, the fire scene commander radioed that a firefighter was missing.

The missing firefighter was not response when he was found. The husband and father of two was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. A second firefighter was treated and released from a hospital.

Firefighters later learned nobody had been in the home. The cause of the fire has not been determined.


Information from: The Kansas City Star,

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Man that REALLY sucks!!!!!My prayers go out to his Wife and Kids I hope god will help them through this and keep them strong.As for the Firefighter Can we all just give him a moments silence after you read this to remember a man probably nobodys knows here but he died in the attempt to save someones life like we all do almost every single day.REST IN PEACE OUR BROTHER!!!! Now you are in the good place battling the biggest fire of them all to keep us safe here.We will remember!!
my thoughts & prayers go out to him, his family and his station family ,,,,

god bless ,,,,
thoughts and prayers go to the family of the fallen fire fighter......everytime i see this my heart drops....sad sad story to hear
My hopes and prayers go out to his family and station....
May God give his family strenght and comfort in thier time of loss...And be with his brothers and sisters in Kansas....My heart felt prayers goes to everyone there....
Praying for his family and his firefighter family.
it is very sad a brother had to leave us .my heart goes out to his family and his fire department
It's something of a tossup which had me dabbling my eyes more - the unfortunate loss of a brave rescuer or Mr. Armstrong's touching tribute. I have to keep down the sound, though, because both of my dogs are in here and the slightest sniffling brings them comfortingly to my side. Oops, too late, so I may as well let go completely and once more shed tears for a stranger - and give thanks anew for my blessings. May he rest in lasting peace and loving remembrance.

Or thoughts and prayers go out to our brother's family, friends and fellow firefighters from his station and neighboring companies. RIP brother
Tamara's question had me in tears once more. As unfortunately common as such outcomes are. it is no less heartrending a firefighter trapped beyond rescue, succumbing while trying to save lives and property. A couple of weeks ago I unearthed a box of old unindexed videotapes, chose one at random to check out and was very surprised to find on it an episode of a long-forgotten NBC documentary series, "Firehouse" [which I prefer to "station," let the cops have that]. This being from July '02 it was unhappily & inescapably stained with the blood of Blackest Tuesday, but also there was an accounting of a tragedy in New York like Shawnee, only with sadly double the casualties. Watching that was a wrenching experience. But somehow, with the kind of tasteless filmed crap that gets put out on DVD, this evidently 3-hour tribute to real heroism and sacrifice didn't make the cut. I will have to look through the others within the same timeframe to see if I also have the other 2 episodes - at the time I was still pretty depressed myself to look after my video/audio catalog as precisely as usual. At least I have the one part on which to reflect & remember, but I wish that NBC, with their artless talent for empty nothingness like Seinfeld, could have mustered some effort to commit to DVD all that firefighter footage they shot [as that arrogantly pompous jerk Brian Williams pridefully pointed out]. For my & others' money it'd have been far more meaningful than their anorexic little "comedies."

It always hard to hear about a brother that has fallen, but this one is a little closer to home. As a son of a KS Firefighter. My hear and prayers go out to his family and his brothers.
Sad, sad. My thoughts and prayer go out to the the family and friends and to his department. We will remember your bravery and courage. Rest in Peace Brother....

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