This question is aimed at the non-adults, I want to get some peer input in this situation.

The question is what do you think is an appropriate punishment?

We have this explorer who for the most part is a great explorer he.  He is at every event and drill - his attendance is better then most of our firefighters.  Up to this point we have had only two problems with him - he rides shotgun when there are other firefighters on the truck (I know this is in part a problem with our firefighters) he has been suspended for a week for doing this.  A company officer has seen him running a blue light to a call, in our department you must be a firefighter six months before you get permission to use a blue light so at a very minimum he would have to be 18 and a half).  He denies it was him; who do you think we believe the lieutenant or the 17 year old who was just caught.

So he tells us he is turning 18, his explorer application leads us to believe this.  On his first call in the fire department he rides shotgun when there are other non-probationary firefighters on the truck which is against our rules. 

AND THEN we find out he just turned 17 (our bad for not actually looking at his drivers license).  He continues to use a blue light even though he has been told to take it out of his car.  It is very likely that he is using it in the next town over to show off to his friends.

So explorers and juniors what do you think is an appropriate punishment? 

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" This question is aimed at the non-adults, I want to get some peer input in this situation. "

Hello people.......
If you could try this. As Explorers you have officers which should have a meeting to inform the member about what he is doing and how dangerous it could be.
I have been involved as a Explorer Adult Coordinator and if any problems arised we let the Explorers handle it first before the adults got involved.
The same with dept juniors if there was enough junior members they would elect officers from Jr Chief and down and work with their members before the senior members and officers got involved.
im an explorer right now, I have the best attendence better than alot of ppl on our department. I dnt even get to go to the calls...And he deffinately should not be using a blue light...and being shot gun in the truck for a call..

Get rid of him. It doesnt appear that his motives for joining your dept. are to help others and learn about being a firefighter. the individual you have described seems to be a glory hound.
Get rid of him before gives your dept a bad name on a call!
I read everyones else, I agree.If he doesn't do what he is told then what or whom will he hurt on a fire scene.we have explorers too.You have to but your firefighter first.
Get rid of him before he causes more problems for the Dept.
I agree with most comments three strikes and your out......Yes his attendance may be good but if he is breaking company rules then there is no point in him being their...One things you have to be when you want to be a firefighter is mature physically emotionally and mentally....This meaning you are mature enough to respect company rules and you're superior officers and other firegighters......Juniors do have a role in the company but they do not have any right to overstep another firefighter...Even if it is a probie...Juniors ride in the back on the 2nd truck never on the first truck. And aren't allowed to run blue lights until the chief tells them they can. Atleast thats how Luzerne does it....Anyway not in regards to him ruding shot gun but isn't it NYS law that junior members aren't allowed to ride first truck?....If so wouldn't he have to wait for a 2nd truck to be called?...Just asking
LMAO nice Jamie!....And I agree with your reply!
pulll his gear and take away him being allowed to ride on the truck that shuould stop him and if that dont work let him go.

There is no room for people like him.I agree with tyler

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