This question is aimed at the non-adults, I want to get some peer input in this situation.

The question is what do you think is an appropriate punishment?

We have this explorer who for the most part is a great explorer he.  He is at every event and drill - his attendance is better then most of our firefighters.  Up to this point we have had only two problems with him - he rides shotgun when there are other firefighters on the truck (I know this is in part a problem with our firefighters) he has been suspended for a week for doing this.  A company officer has seen him running a blue light to a call, in our department you must be a firefighter six months before you get permission to use a blue light so at a very minimum he would have to be 18 and a half).  He denies it was him; who do you think we believe the lieutenant or the 17 year old who was just caught.

So he tells us he is turning 18, his explorer application leads us to believe this.  On his first call in the fire department he rides shotgun when there are other non-probationary firefighters on the truck which is against our rules. 

AND THEN we find out he just turned 17 (our bad for not actually looking at his drivers license).  He continues to use a blue light even though he has been told to take it out of his car.  It is very likely that he is using it in the next town over to show off to his friends.

So explorers and juniors what do you think is an appropriate punishment? 

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I agree with tyler...anything that he does when with, at, or weraing a company t-sjirt will relfect on the dept and come back to bite you in the ass.

A couple years ago, a 16 y/o joined my ambulance company. He was also a good kid, no problems on calls or at the building, but I believe he was caught with drugs and was wearing our company shirt. He was terminated from the org. the next day.
Like they said three strikes your out. Get rid of him.. he doesn't deserve to be a explorer
WOW. I would get rid of him.i can see not knowing about the truck rule. now the lights is a different story.I think he's just in it to say he's a firefighter . i agree with tyler
3 strikes and your out, Yea to me it sounds like he just wants to be a firefighter to ride the truck and have a blue light.

If you told him once, and he did it again, out the door he should go! If he can not conduct himself properly as a teen-almost adult-what will he be like as a firefighter?
I'd kick him out.

There is no room for people like him.

There are rules we need to follow, and sometimes if they are broken, people get hurt.

Maybe it was a small problem now.
But what if something BIGGER happens?
We had a jr run blue lights but he was in our fire dept and a fire dept 2 or 3 townships over and him and his friend got cuaght by our townships police running a blue light through our township to the other station he belongs to thats 3townships over. The line officers voted and they kicked him out.
I'm not a junior/explorer I just saw the discussion and was curious.But our department too has a problem with juniors riding up front.Like for example last night we had a fire and I was puttin my gear on and he was like shot gun and grabbed his gear and ran to the front of the truck.I'm not the one with most seniority of all our fire fighters but it was just me,him,and our driver(Captain) that went on the call.We're volunteer and I'm not one to bitch and complain but really by rights I shoulda been the one riding shot gun but the way I see it is as long as we get there and get the job done and do it safely...However it was me and our captain that had to go into the house while it was burning of course he went and got us something if we needed it and threw it to us.
As far as the Blue Light I don't know of any fire department in my area that uses a blue light.We use Red/White lights for fires and our police use the Blue Lights.
Our dept ran into problems before with Jrs. I am a senior lifemember and have had a jr jump in the command seat on the ambulance on a fire call. I wasn't going to raise a stink about it because it was just around the corner and I got in the back, but when we got there and the rescue LT seen what had happened and the Jr got a royal chewing by the LT.
We had a son of a member, who left the dept, and had a number of family as members in our dept come by one day and told the vol and career crew he was a jr member at another dept and wanted to ride. He had driven his mothers car to the station so it was thought he was old enough. He had been a few calls with the crew until a Batt officer came in the station that knew him. Lets just say the S##t hit the fan. The county fire chief at the time was big on suspending volunteers and he didn't just go after the crew that was there he went after the vol chief and president who were not also . The kid lied about his age and his membership and was banded from joining any county vol dept ever. He has joined other depts outside our county.
After reading the responses, what do you, yourself, feel is appropriate punishment, Jordan?

Since you asked for only jr. member input, I'll refrain from giving my 2 cents.

this reply is intended for all ages with a specific focus on my not wanting to discriminate against anyone...

you don't want adult input but you did not specify visual input using graphics. just sayin' drawing'
Give him the boot before he does something that reflects bad on your dept.

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