Hey, well i have to write a an editorial on an important topic. SInce i am a member of the Bagdad fire protection district junior program i chose the topic of juniors being pulled from school to go on calls. However i cant find really reliable information on the actual dept.'s that pull students from school so i need your help. I need:

statistics for how mant departments pull juniors from class

Regulations for what kind of call and if the time of the day makes a difference as to if they are pulled out of class

age limits on being pulled from class

if a drivers license is required to leave class

if missed work can be made up

excused absence?

if red/blue lights are given for personal vehicle use from school to a fire scene

what types of call they can respond to during school hours

and anything else you think might be relevant to my topic
Thank you so very much, stay safe

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i live in Illinois and our department in hardin county lets us leave cuz we r a small country fd and jrs and firefighters get pagers and its up to the principal if u can wear them school as long as you have them down low so noone in the class with be interupit when you get paged out and you dont have to have your teacher permission to leave class you can just get up and walk out as long as you have your work done tht they gave you and you would have to get the work you'll miss when u leave to go on the call and if it doesnt take all day you have to go back to school to finish you last class of the day
No JR firefighter should leave school for a fire call. It is nnot good. JR's should be issued Emergency Lights for any reason. It is not safe for them to leave school. Plus, by the time you are paged sign out of school, get to your vehicle, drive to the station, and get your gear, the call is already half way over or if it is a large scale run, they have already called for man power or extra resources. If the call is large enough then you can respond at an appropriate time. Then it is up to your officers.
I know when i was a jr firefighter i was told that i was not allowed to carry my pager to school and i was not allowed to leave school if we had a call! My chief told me that my most and number one importance was school and keeping up my grades.
Thats right, no sense in leaving school for a fire call. There will be plenty more fire calls when school is over.

Were you out on a fire call the day they covered the use of a *period* when ending your sentence?
No, not sure what I was doing that day.
Our post lets explorers respond in personal vehicles via page to 2 alarm fires.....If you can miss the class then you go and call the rest of the explorers. It is all dependent on the explorers discretion.

And the reasoning that one should be pulled from school and respond in a POV is????.............Before answering, I would highly recommend you go back through this thread thoroughly and understand what was already written.
Our Junior Firefighters are only allowed to leave school if the IC calls the school and requests that they be released. The Jr's are issued pagers but are not allowed to have them on in school. We also have a text message paging system that goes to our cell phones, but school rules do not allow them to have their phone on except during lunch. If we need the Jr's the IC will call the High School Office and have them released. They will be called out over the overhead PA system at the school. We are VERY conservative about this, and haven't actually done it in over 15 years. But the system is in place if we really needed it.

Lights are not issued to, nor allowed to be displayed by Jr firefighters.

They are all required to maintain an acceptable GPA to remain in the program.
Our Junior Firefighters are only allowed to leave school if the IC calls the school and requests that they be released

And the reasoning that they should be pulled from school is?...........I would also recommend you read through the replies already made here. No dept should be relying on children for any reason.
I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. I'm with Larue County fire and rescue. If we get a call in the morning and I don't go to school its counted as an excused absence. Once I'm a senior I can sign myself out and leave to go on a call. Our juniors cant use emergency lights. But my fire dept is only 5 minutes away from my school.
Really? Why don't people read some of the posts before replying? Why is there such a lack of grasping the notion or idea that children have no reason to be on a fireground, let alone to leave school?
Small town fire department with 7 paid captains, and 22 volunteers, we can leave class, all we have to do is tell the school office we are leaving, but only one's that plan on going to the scene, or that are on stand by on the next truck, can leave. And they also have a precentage sheet, and a duty sheet stating our specific duty on a fire scene. My duty on a structure fire is pulling the electric meter, that would be recorded under utilites. So I would stay in school if it's a small grass-fire, in case something came in, in town. I can use my hazard lights on my vehicle, and a red halogen light, but if I'm just going to the station, I'll just use the hazard lights. When there is nothing going on during school, I will leave on the smallest thing, like a gas meter being hit, knowing I don't do anything on those, sometimes I'll just go to the station, and get credit for going, but the two things you can be sure I'll go to, are structure fires, and smoke alarms. Most smoke alarm calls, are false alarms, which are the best kind to have, but the only smoke alarms we have on a regular basis is the hospital. Yesterday, my pager went off in class, I had the Minitor II, so it couldn't be on vibrate, it was a grass-fire. I took into account of the low humidity, and high wind, and left class, good thing too. When I got to the station, the Tanker was fixing to leave...3,432 acres were burned. 3 depts gave us mutual aid, along with the Texas Forest Service.

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