Hey, well i have to write a an editorial on an important topic. SInce i am a member of the Bagdad fire protection district junior program i chose the topic of juniors being pulled from school to go on calls. However i cant find really reliable information on the actual dept.'s that pull students from school so i need your help. I need:

statistics for how mant departments pull juniors from class

Regulations for what kind of call and if the time of the day makes a difference as to if they are pulled out of class

age limits on being pulled from class

if a drivers license is required to leave class

if missed work can be made up

excused absence?

if red/blue lights are given for personal vehicle use from school to a fire scene

what types of call they can respond to during school hours

and anything else you think might be relevant to my topic
Thank you so very much, stay safe

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Can I ask why John. Is your department hurting for manpower so much that they must look to using juniors for initial response to calls? I for one think a junior or explorer program is supposed to be a learning environment, which starts at school, and then under strict regulation.
I got voted on the dept. halfway through my senior year. I left school for any call we had. The chief didn't mind because the majority of our members were at work while i was at school and they couldn't leave work. All i had to do was get my parents to write a note to the school sayin i could leave to go on calls. When i got back to school from calls the time i missed was excused. Only one person ever said anything about me missing school to go on calls but none of the administrators ever said anything so i didn't worry about it.
I think most of it depends on the dept. our dept. is kinda small so we needed all of the personel we could get. Therefore nothing was said by anybody on the dept. about me leaving school. So I think it all comes down to the dept.
they can be pulled from school stroms 3 alarms 17 i was pull from class alot
Basic what can juniors can do at a working fire since they havn't been through class and they aren't under the township as stander members
in our districts it is up to our school principal if we are allowed leaveschool to attend a call
I have honestly never heard of a department in my area that has ever pulled a junior from class for anything. My department in particular does allow a junior to answer a call during school hours. If they do they run the risk of being kicked out.
They are aloud to be pulled out in our are if they hold a 3.0 grade average and the chief will right a note of dispatch time to available time to make sure they don't abuse it cause what kid wants to go back to class...
During the day, yes our department is hurting on manpower. Our department is volunteer and most of our manpower is at work during the day. There has been many times where only one or two people have responded to a structure fire, and that is just too dangerous. Our juniors all know how to operate a pump and a few are able to make a fire attack if needed.
They are aloud to be pulled out in our are if they hold a 3.0 grade average and the chief will right a note of dispatch time to available time to make sure they don't abuse it cause what kid wants to go back to class

And for what purpose does a junior have on the fireground to be pulled from school?

Perhaps more juniors and adults supporting such BS as leaving school, need to read the NIOSH report from this incident.

As an explorer, I say that for no reason should explorers/juniors be allowed to leave school to respond to an alarm. We need to focus on getting good grades. In order to be in the explorer/junior program, we must be on the honor roll, which comes out every quarter. We need to graduate in order to really do anything, so if we are really focused on our future, we need to put school first.
a department near by they can have there cadets emt/ff go on medicals and i think alarms. and they have a vehicle located at the school so they can respond. doesnt really make sense tho.

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