I hope everyone has a great holiday season celebrated as you see fit.


Just to let you know; I have moved on with my discussions and blogs. I am not doing it here anymore. I will leave all of my old stuff, but will not be adding new content. And just so you know; I have NEVER been an employee of this website or any of its affiliates. I was simply one of you, who was a little more "active", shall we say. 


If you would like to follow my exploits, you can find me on facebook or you can email me at rockysroom@winco.net and I will link you to my stuff.


So; I am going to take my helmet of the color of my choice, my 500 fpm Laser light with the blue lens in my POV, chevron stripes on the back, leather boots, light on because I'm afraid of the dark, playing word association with my passenger while describing my worst call and get on down the road.


See ya.



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Chief, Movin On? Bro, your contributions and blogs are going to leave a void that wont be replaced. Sorry that you are leaving. Stay in touch!
After this morning, I'm considering a similar move. According to the WN, it is "my problem" that I posted a tongue-in-cheek post that pointed out the relative importance of "What is your firefighter number" - then he closed my post.

I deleted my post, since the WC's reply was the only one up before he closed it. There's no point leaving it up if it's going to be censored in that fashion. I highly resent his statement that I have a problem or that the problem with the "What is your firefighter number" posts is mine. I don't have a problem at all. I just posted something humorous.

I'm heartily sick of the censorship here. That's the real problem here, and that problem isn't mine.

I frankly have a tremendous amount of respect for both Kali and Art. They were two of the most thoughtful, creative, and intelligent posters on Firefighter Nation. If creating a large number of site hits is more important than thoughtfulness, creativity, and intelligence, then maybe those of us who try for the latter should simply leave the site to those who engage in the former.

The really interesting thing is that the censorship is decreasing, not increasing the number of site hits, so if the censorship is intended in the way that it appears, it's counterproductive.

Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time we've seen "Ready, FIRE...um...oops...aim???" here.

So, if I leave or if my FFN account is suspended due to this post and the continued censorship here, I have a Facebook account, too. It's under my name and it's easy to find.
I can understand the sentiment, but if one looks on the bright side the stupid "what's your number" post has been shut down.....both as matter of fact. I didn't have so much a problem with the first one, but the second one.

I agree with the ready, fire, aim, mentality, unfortunately this isn't the only place we see this, instead of addressing the individuals of redundant posts, etc, it becomes a flock shoot. On another forum, unrelated to FF, the mods are good in monitoring traffic, redundant posts are closed, newbies are informed of the SEARCH feature and so forth. I don't see that here, but it would be nice.

Thanks, I appreciate it. The apparent reason for the two "What's your FF number" posts being shut down was that I added my tongue-in-cheek additional post on the topic. All three posts were shut down at the same time.

I guess I could have left mine up, but there didn't seem to be a point when it was closed by the WC after a single site admin response.

Once nice thing about Facebook - their admins let you be as tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, educational, witty, or stylistic as you want as long as you don't post anything illegal or that blatantly violates their UA.
I agree Ben, tongue in cheek is fine inside most firehouses too. Problem is I really don't think the OP has a clue though and my guess is it won't be long before she starts another redundant, over-discussed, topic again. In a way though, the tongue and cheek tactic did get the thread shut down.....if the mod won't tell or "guide" such newbies in searching or about redundant posts....tongue in cheek seems to get the same result.
Agreed, but when the mods tell me that I have "a problem" along the way, that's balderdash.

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