So we are looking at different types of harness that double as your belt on our black morning pride gear. some are just the belt and some are class II that are integrated into your pants, whats peoples thoughts on them? do any of you have them? if so what did you R and D and why did you go with the one you did? Morning Pride makes one called the "PATRIOT" that is a class II that looks pretty cool anyone have it?

Thanks guys

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My department years ago updated their PPE inventory to incorporate a D ring into the turnout jacket. Can't say that I ever had to use it, but it seemed like a pretty good safety feature and the made in the USA Morning Pride PPE was comfortable and well designed.
We just Globe gear with the integrated harness. It's a lot more comfortable to wear than having a Gemptor belt on the outside. It's lighter and more manueverable.

  How  do you see this being used?

I see the built in harness useful for 3 situations 1 as an escape harness,2 low angle rescue, 3 integrated truck belt. If anyone has used them for any other purpose I would like to hear why and how they were used.

yea that would be the 3 useful situations that we are looking at...guy at Morning pride said that the "PATRIOT" harness that they make really does not sell well just because of the cost of retro fitting the gear you have to add another 100 bones....we do have some guys R&Ding that globe gear along with the morning pride with the built in gear, the problem we are seeing is that the harness will rub in inner shell and we have had the inner shell fail tests during PPE audit how about your globe gear Brian have you seen any long term wear yet?

That may be the one we designed.  The DC Fire Department helped Globe design bunker pants with an integrated harness a few years back.  They turned out great.  Unfortunately, other departments are buying them and enjoying them but we can't afford them for our own guys.  The only ones that were issued them here are those in the Special Operations division.(Rescue, Hazmat, etc)

We just took delivery of it a month ago. Just like capcityff's department only truckies and rescue company members got them. I'm an engine company officer and don't. The guys with them like them a lot. We'll be putting them through some testing of our own when we start our live burn training in the spring. I feel everyone should have them not just specialty companies.

Good luck with your research. I'll definitely keep you posted on any issues.

  Harnesses that are integrated in the gear are not rated for rescue ops.   

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