This is just my opinion but is it un-ethical and morally wrong to do this? When you think about why the majority of us on here have a love for the job we do, I personally it is not for the $$$$. I do understand that special responses (Haz-Mat, Water Rescue, and other Special Rescues do eat up alot of resources and mnapower. Isn't that what tax dollars are for though? Lets hear your all your thoughts, or if your jurisdiction has came across this?    



If the fire trucks come to your house in ------- to put out a fire should you be charged a fee for their service? If a volatile situation develops at your house, and the police and the SWAT team gets called, should you be billed?


If firemen have to cut up your car to get you out of the wreckage after an accident, should that be billed to you? That is a topic that was brought before the ------- City Commission Wednesday in their study session. While many recognize the high costs involved in situations, there is not consensus on what to do.  What if the Ku Klux Klan marches in a parade, and extra police are deemed necessary, should the organization pay for that?  Chief ---- ------said it’s not easy to budget some expensive events.


Commissioner ----- ------- said she is against this; residents pay taxes already to pay for training, readiness and to have personnel on duty to handle situations. She says that’s why people live in communities. 


--------- said he will be collecting more information on costs and what other cities are doing for commissioners consideration.

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No problem. I wasn't sure what you meant.

I know that there are some fire departments that do some hazmat cleanup, but there is a tremendous amount of liability in that, starting with doing the correct paperwork and getting the product(s) into the correct EPA hazmat waste stream.

We do that once a year for our Household Hazmat Round-Up, and we have a contractor do the product ID/chemistry testing, the waste stream paperwork, and the haul-away.
Jack/dt? Excellent! Very well put and I agree whole heartedly!
I think that there are lots and lots of ways to save money in all the levels of our governments that would in turn probably run fire and ems very well and not ever have to hear the words its not in the budget again.I would pay tax money to have a crew of people that go into governments and look for wasted and stolen money.It just upsets me when I hear that they want to charge for saving peoples lives when there are sooooooo many ways to save money.But you have so many crooks in positions of power that essential services are the least of there worries and take on the attitude of"well if we just charge everyone for it,it will pay for itself".
There are so many things that I could bitch about for wasted money that I'd overload the server but there is absoluetly nothing anyone can do.Nobody is ever held accountable for wasting money and there is nothing an average citizen can do about it.This is a subject that gets my blood boiling!
Here is a look at our day room. Could we have spent less than 16k? Well not if we wanted a eco-friendly canopy bed made out of birch solids, cherry, pecan veneers and elm burl with a classic chestnut finish and marble posts. A good response starts with a well rested responder!

It flys on my pole right below the stars and stripes. When you vote anymore you must vote for the lesser of two evils. It's horrible the two parties just try to make the other look bad and normal citizen is the casualty of there war.
You could probably get the whole crew in that bed!
No way every FF has his own bed & room. The officers have nicer beds of course....
In the Spring of 2009, I went to the doctor's office to find out why I couldn't breathe.
He put me on oxygen and had an ambulance from the local FD take me the 16 miles to the hospital, where I was admitted for a massive lung infection, pneumonia and dehydration.
When I finally got home, I received a bill for the co-pay for that ride: $975.00!
That's not a typo, and that's the co-pay.
The trip involved no IV, bandages, or anything other than the transport. I was already hooked up to the bottle of O2.

I nearly had to call another ambulance because I was surely going to have a myocardial infarction.
Something there ain't exactly right.

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