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use all the time change the siren to different sounds that it makes. use your q-siren. air horn. do this when you are coming to a red light even a green light. you still need to slow down to clear all directions.
the only electric sirens my company uses are on the chief units and ambo's. there is one on the new rescue-engine but it just collects dust. we usually just stick to the Q and airhorns.
We only use the electric on our rescue bc there is no"Q" on it...we just got a 2010 KME Rescue/Pumper and that's the type of truck that you would see using both "Q" and electric...hopefully they will start using both because I personally am a fan of using both. Next is talking them into getting a powercall :D
when responding on calls
tnks a lot from hermosillo,sonora mexico fire department
not that there are any rules out there, hence your question, so here's my take on siren usage...

Hi-Low Electronic Siren: I use this going through intersections or when coming up on a vehicle that is not pulling over to the right...

Traditional "growler" siren: My department has gone 100% KME that has an auto siren function. It runs through the cycle of the siren being maxed out and then slowing, over and over without you having to push the horn or siren activation button. This is used during runs when we are in congested or traffic areas. Once we get out into the rural area(s), we shut down the siren and respond only with the emergency lighting. If there is an intersection approaching, we turn the siren back on auto, using the electronic hi-low to go through the intersection.

Air Horns: These are also used in conjunction with the sirens and are used like an exclamation point... VW's and Mercedes have such great insulation that the only reason they know we are behind them is because the sirens are actually vibrating the vehicle...

Note: Working in a rural area dictates that if you are coming up to a trailer hauling livestock or horses, use common sense and shut down your sirens and do no use air horns.


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