Its homework time at my house and I'm helping our 11 y/o daughter with making charts and graphs, her's is on farm animals. While sitting here it gave me and idea to find out the tasty brew beverage of the brothers and sisters on FFN. From the 5 listed below nationally marketed brands, whats your favorite? I will keep track of this question for the next 2 weeks at the end of the study should enough of you out there reply, I will post the study results for all to see, Hey this could be fun.

# 1 Budweiser
# 2 Coors
#3 Micholbe
#4 Sam Adams
#5 Miller
It dosen't matter if its a lite beer, flavored , or specialty just the national brand name. OK now lets get this thing going. And I'm going back to 4th.grade homework with my BUD and the kid.
Take Care, and stay SAFE,

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Out of the list I'd choose #4 Sam Adams

also I think # 3 is spelled Michelob vs. Micholbe ;oP (Too many Buds huh?)
Ok all, I admit I spelled Michelob with and extra " e " rfdjumper is correct, only not enough of them gem's have been consumed yet. I still hear sirens in my head. But darn they'er good!!!!.

Heres another one for you all.
Of the list I'd have to pick #4, Sam Adams, But my favorite is Yuengling.
bud light
No beer for me, water is much healthier :)
I am having a hard time deciding which one. I am torn between Coors and Sam Adams. It depends on the day as to which I like better but I guess I will have to go with Sam Adams (Black Lager). Even though it is not listed my favorite would have to be Shiner Bock! Hope this helps your study.

I like Guinness, but at the firehouse, the only thing that flows is Coors Light. That is good too
Bud 4 sure
but at the firehouse, the only thing that flows is Coors Light. Could you explain or clarify? Thanks.

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