Does anyone have any information on the IFSI programs for Illinois....the light and fight in Rockford/Cherry Valley Illinois or other surrounding towns AND im looking for information on the Fire Service Women of Illinois - IFSI training. If you have any information on either please let me know. If there are any other female firefighter courses that you know of please let me know and perhaps share your expireince with me.

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Girls only?
I read your profile.....You should have just said..."I love being a Firefighter." Not.... "I love being a female firefighter"....The fire does not discriminate, nor should we...Either you are a Firefighter or you aren't......I believe that you are....don't go behind the gender issue...that went out with the trash years ago (I hope). Why classes just for women...? Don't the guys deserve and need training also...?? Seems they are making it an issue where it shouldn't be....Just my 2 cents on this........Paul
i understand what you mean, gender shouldnt be an issue....but it kinda seems as if it is at times. ive been hit on by the males on my dept NUMEROUS only bothers me to a certain extent. if i remember correctly these classes for women were to help us in the field specifically and directly....the best ways to use the tools, hold the hoses, etc. yes i know this could go for either gender but men seem to be stronger at somethings. let me just say this, training with the guys is awesome, when theyre not making fun of you. women training together and sharing there strategies is awesome. i can honestly say ive been in these shoes once...i was in a class with all males. i was embarrassed n really shy to use any of the saws or tools because i was afraid they were going to make fun of me, but once i got the hang of it, it was awesome n they thought i did a really good job. now perhaps these classes are available to women just because of that reason. in these classes women dont have to be embarrassed to use the tools and or their equipment with the guys around to harrass them. when they are finished with the class/classes they go back to their department, maybe even teach the guys something new, and have more confidence. i know there are a few camps for the cadets/explorers/junior female firefighters but i dont fit into that category because im 19.....
Not really sure on that,but you can go to there web and look or call.There very helpful over there i've been there a few times when i was on a dept in il.Good luck

You should see how much abuse a guy gets from other guys when he can't use a tool or raise a ladder.

Oh, and you might still get "hit on" by some of the females during your all-female training. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
wait a minute! what are you saying here bout me gettin hit on by are females??? if they do they're just jealous of me :) anyways its sad when i do a better job than a few males at the FD. 1 guy couldnt put the couplings together on the hoses n the LT looked at me n then at him n said, "ya know its said that a girl can do this better than you!" yea it was kinda mean, rude, and cruel but i was a probie n he was a cadet. i know they get abuse for not knowing how to raise a ladder or use a tool, ive seen it was almost like we magically turned into the army n the drill sargeant was yelling at him.
thanks rick. i know you have to sign up soo much in advanced but then they only have the classes for the new year posted near the middle of the year. anyways i will try to contact them....if i can find some info :)
If we have to do the job together we should train together!
yes i know n there shouldnt be any but's about it. there is a few of those classes out there tho. some males just are really cruel to the women for not knowing how to use this or do this n that
This does not help the divide at all
I think she means it's sad, or "said", for the guy due to the abuse he's likely to get for not being able to do, you know, manly stuff as well as a female. Of course, that's also demeaning to women as well. It's all so sad.
Yes there is,I believe, a once a year school look to the IFSI web. FSI budget year is Aug-July, with uncertain funding this is why no conerstone classes past July.

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