hey guys..


im a little bit stuck and need some ideas to help me move along..


having just started getting into the competition side of things (stair climb, combat challenge waterways etc) and needing a few ideas to help me out..


I have a spare helmet which im wanting to use for my competitons - will save my operational one from damage etc etc..


so far all i have come up with is getting it painted black - instead of yellow, from what i can tell it is a kevlar style helmet, no leathers here lol, is there a certain type of paint which i will need to use on this?



now for the tricking part, im hoping someone here will have a couple of ideas or maybe has the artistic side which i do not posess unfortunately, Im trying to get some ideas to use as graphics.


was thinking of doing one side for the combat challenge, showing the 5 events, but havent been able to find any pictures that i could use in small size apart from the 'scott' logo of the firefighter dragging the hose.. anybody got anything? or have done something which may be of help?




Dave K


Porirua Volunteer Fire Brigade

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hey check black helment apperal
I'm not going to make points here...But that has never bothered me before....so here goes......I see by your profile that you have been in for 2 years...why not get good at what you do in ALL areas before you start with "competition"...? Think about it you have only been off probie status for what about 1 year...? You are still a rookie......Well goodluck with your endeavors......think about it at least.....we need good firefighters...not good competitors
Don't ya think he'll learn a bunch of new things in the process? I would wholeheartedly wish him well in the competition. I remember how gung ho I was when I was just getting started...not so long ago. ;-)
Paul has good advice, and is on to something. I am 4th generation, been around the firehouse my whole life, and in the fire service for 28 years. Anything "competition" in the fire service is not the same as the real thing. For example, throwing a ladder for quick time is totally different than throwing a ladder for a rescue and safety. I have witnessed a lot of bad habits develop because these young people who havent trained enough to develop proper technique (and 2 years is NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH) are now drilling and training hard for speed. And as you know, repetition is what develops habits. Sometimes bad habits. And of course this young energetic lad will drill hard to become a better competition team member, and in the process may take this "training" if you will, to the street when someone's life is on the line and overlook something like safety that isnt practiced too much in these competitions like it would be at a fire. That is when bad things happen. I also see these same young folk suddenly develop a swelled head because they believe they are better than they really are because, after all, they ARE on a competition team, and if you compete, you must be the best of the best, right?? Dave, I dont want to squash your energy level and enthusiasm, because I compete in competition also. But I received 10 solid years of training to get my techniques right on every level and can distinguish good from bad, so make sure you take this to heart and do yourself right so you dont develop bad habits. Once you are confident on the fire scene, go compete and have fun.
Paul and Greg, spoken like a training officer would, I believe one learns to walk solidly and properly well before one should try to learn to run. Gung ho is fine but if not tempered by experience and real proficiency it is nothing except dangerous to the individual and all around him ,including those who may have to put it on the line to save him.
sorry, where in my post did i state at all that i was no proficient, while i do not disagree that im "only just" off probie status that you claim to be so fond of, there are other ways to learn not just on the fire ground and training nights.

competition is very big over here among the brigades, it helps team bonding and also allows you to meet other great firefighters to learn from.

i would respect people not to post regarding my level of competence, when you know do not me, nor my experience. i am very confident in myself, and my station officers are as well, for if i was not, i dont think they would allow me on a fire ground.

another "2 years in 20 years experience...." Good luck, wish you all the best....Stay safe, the #1 rule ALWAYS
OH boy. Here comes the defensive rant. Dave, I dont want to get into a pissing match with you because it is obvious you arent going to listen. You proved my point, and someday you will understand what I mean. Good luck to you in your competition.
I'm done Greg...said my piece...Thought he could learn from my experience....sort of Been there done that.....Hope he does well.....and comes back in one piece...I'm outta here
Hey Dave,

I'm not gonna bust yer hump because you're already gonna get that. I'm just gonna try and answer your questions.

As far as your helmet, if you are NOT going to ever use it in it's intended role, any good, general purpose paint(Krylon, etc.) will do to paint it. But I would suggest you label it under the brim(something like "ALTERED EQUIPMENT-NOT FOR OPERATIONAL USE").

As for the graphics, have you thought about looking at the "International Symbol" library? I know they have one that is supposed to indicate Stairs(stick figure guy climbing some stairs), and they have hundreds of other symbols, might find some you can use there.

And okay, I can't help it...please be careful when practicing your Competition Training. You might pick up some tricks that will work well in competition, but have NO place on the fireground! Just remember to know the difference!


Words I live by:...get good, THEN get fast. Being confident does not make you good. Being confident means allowing yourself to learn more. Experience makes you good. And you won't get the proper experience with competitions.Would you rather be good at being a firefighter, or a competitor?

No the helmet is non operational, and is a spare i picked up from the manufacturer to use for competitons due to age etc.

will have a look at the symbols, didnt think of them :)


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