should us as volunteer firefighters push to have a union that accepts we do the same job as a paid guy (not pushing the IAFF down) but i mean if u look at it there are more people who put there time there gas to save there asses and i know we dont pull shifts (some VOL departments have them pull shifts so calm down) but we here tones just like a guy with a pay check roll our butts out of bed to ware the same badge so any input or support welcome (i respect the IAFF 100% so please dont get mad at how i put things)

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I agree totally, I am a Volunteer as well as Paid. I have been a Volunteer for over 31 years now. I have always figured, since we all put our bunker oants on the same way, some of us do it on the scene from the back of our pick up truck, we are all after the same results, Save Lives, Protect Property.
In a word, yes. It only makes sense.
So you want to pay for the privilege to volunteer?
not saying pay to volunteer but pay for more benefits and the loose ends that need to be tied up
I don't know what the IAFF dues are but I'm guessing in the neighborhood of $1,000 a year. I doubt that covers benefits like retirement, health insurance, dental, and whatever else. Those would be paid by the municipality for which the employee "works".

Those benefits cost far more than $1000 a year.

So what would the benefit be, besides having stickers for the rear window?
What is it with people that need to have a "union" sticker and want it to look like the IAFF's?
There is this -

I guess you could join the National Volunteer Fire Council They are the national voice for the Volunteer Fire Service. But then, their sticker looks nothing like the IAFF's.

By the takes a hell of lot more than a 'sticker' to make you a professional firefighter. Not the least of which would be spell check. I'm just saying...

Don't get mad, get better, stay safe-ish.
A Union is; an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals in key areas, such as working conditions.This may include the negotiation of wages, work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring, firing and promotion of workers, benefits, workplace safety and policies. The agreements negotiated by the union leaders are binding on the rank and file members and the employer and in some cases on other non-member workers. (according to wiki)

Maybe you could explain your interpretation of "benefits" and "loose ends".
Jack, that sticker on ebay is not authentic... at least I can't see the "I fight what you fear" unless it is a hologram...
LOL I didn't notice it was lacking the "I fight what you fear", duh!
I think we need something. I think the state and federal government are over regulating fire departments. They are making it almost impossible to be volunteers. Don't get me wrong, we need regulation, but our local governments connot pay for fire service. If the volunteers don't show up, there are no paid departments for 40 miles. I am not a fan of unions, but something has to change.
hahahahahha im a IAFF member so don't shoot me my buddy is a VOL and he wanted to see what you guys would put so far volunteers don't need an IAVFF as far as the spelling ill smack him for you guys
Brian, what has to change? I would like to know how state and fed governments are over-regulating volunteer fire departments, and how "they" are making it impossible for volunteers.

What are the barriers imposed to people wanting to become volunteer FFs?

I know OSHA puts forth some basic training requirements, and NFPA has a ton of recommendations, but not laws. Nearly all OSHA regulations or NFPA recommended standard are written in the blood of those who perished for want of those standards and laws. Unless we leard from others' misfortunes we are doomed to re-live them.


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