My department is considering subscribing to Are any of you using it in your department ? If so what are your experiences with it ?

Chaplain Crutchfield

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Hello Chaplain,
Please advise me more details on the, I would be interested.
Also are you call to do Memorial or Funeral services for you department or depts. in your area? do use use a general outline and adapt to it?
I get called approx 5-10 times a year, mostly for older retired Fighter Fighter that pass away,
If so lets share some information.
Chaplain Steve Riehl, Port Huron Twp,F.d.
Chaplain Robert, never heard of this before. What is the general idea of this site?
Chaplain Roberts, sorry. I went to the site and looked it over. Nope never seen anything like that before.
I dont see this being to safe. Your trying to use your cell phone driving down the road responding to an emergency. Is this correct or am i confused.
i agree with michael wood, seems to pose a safety issue if used while driving down the road. i looked at the site and it looks really neat, however at my department we all just have radios in our personal vehicles and check enroute via radio. not very technological and somewhat old school in this day and age but it works like a charm, i personally would rather be given an instant update of who is responding via radio than have to use a blackberry or try to respond from phone, thats just me
The system is very quick to use. usually you call it up, and if you hang up, it automatically puts you in as responding to your assigned station. otherwise it's just a matter of hitting one number and hanging up. I'm usually done with that well before I even reach my car.
What does the system cost?? And how relieable is it?
im ol-schooled,
ill stick to the radio
Does your phone have to be connected to the internet to do this or is it just a simple phone call to their dispatch center who than enters the info on the computer? This is an interesting concept and I am interested in more info now too.
Any idea on costs? Is it monthly service bill or annual packages?
we use it and you can also use from your landline phone as well. seems to work well for us but we'll see once we consolidate with the county
Can those of you who use it advise of your cost? Just however it's broken out, month, quarter, year, etc and the dollars attached to the schedule. Also if anyone knows how they calculate the cost for agencies?
I'm planning on it, so long as the chief wants to look into it. We have response issues and miss calls I think this might help with the problem. Was just getting intel before I chat with him

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