Hi I am new and I am a 16 year old and wanting to become a FF/EMT-P and i have been to a local station doing some ride along and I was wondering what should I do in the class room to make all this work

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#1- Stay in school! I cannot emphasize that enough.
#2- does the station you are riding along with have a Junior/Explorer program? If it does, Join it.
#3- try to get all the training possible.

I'm turing 30 this year and just starting school for my EMT-B, and I've been a firefighter for 2 years now. I love every minute of it and if you are determined that this is what you want to do, don't give up. We need more people out there dedicated to helping others. Good Luck!
As has already been said:

Do the best that you can in school...apply yourself.
If you can get involved in anyway....exploreers, reserves, volunteers, hell...working at the departments annual BBQ or local fundraiser.
Have goals for what you want to achieve and go after them.

Someone once told me:
"When you find something you want to do, don't ask yourself, Can I do it?
Instead ask, What steps do I need to take to get there!

So your on the right track
Well young buck Tyler,

I'd say that if you have inspirations to be a firefighter and or paramedic that you should learn to use the English language properly. Punctuation would be a good start. Paper work with narratives are the bread and butter of reports in both fire and EMS.

A basic understanding of math and science; you will need to perform pump calculations of friction loss and GPM. Medics need to know the metric system and convert numbers, drug calculations etc.
Good 33, "Jumper" made the point I was reluctant to. There is a reason we are all agreed on the need to take advantage of school. Like training, school should be seen as more of an opportunity than a requirement. Look at the ones for whom you have the greatest respect. Dont those with the ability to articulate thier klnowledge effectively make really good impressions? When you get to class, ask as though you need to know, be respectful and absorb. Welcome to The Service Brother. Friend Tiger says "Its the best damn job in the world." and Tiger is right. Enjoy. Viaja Con Dios.
The station I ride with does not have a Junior Program. They have told me they would let me do some hands on but they calls they have had there really is nothing for them to but wait to get to the hospital like falls where there taken for caution reasons and your usual dumb calls where people want attention. Have not yet had a fire which i guess is good but caint wait for that time to come cause maybe be able to spray fom the outside or work with punps on tanker or engine
Have some patience, the time will come, but until then attend everything you possibly can. Be involved, and listen to advice from others. That is what I've done and it's paid off.
Shoot for a degree in fire science. Just about every college offers the course and if possible get your medic as soon as possible also. The medic program is still a 1 year program in certain parts of Illinois but in the future it will become a 2 year program. Our highering system will allow points for degrees and military personnel. That has been the case on several of our personnel getting hired. We have passed up some great firefighters that scored well but because the person that did not score as high had a degree it put him/her up on the list. Also surround yourself with classes. I am able to get my chemistry waved due to being a haz-mat tech - B. If you go to your local college and ask for a fire science degree they will be able to give you a list of the required classes for the program such as firefighter II and you could take those courses 1 at a time if you would like. When you are ready to start college for fire science most of your classes will be out of the way. Things like instructor 1 and 2 management 1 and 2, haz - mat awareness and ops all of which are obtainable with a full schedule. I have started my fire science degree and found out that over a period of years I have gained almost all of the classes required for my degree and didn't even realize it, now I just have to transfer credits from college to college. GOOD LUCK have a great career.
finish school first, then when u do get into the class study and pay attention to everything....
I caint wait for this time. Im thinking about getting my EMT-B when im 18 because the captain of the shift i ride with said it may not be a bad idea. I have been there alot lately with reading books looking at videos and just listening to them talk and I get this huge rush when the tones go off even if its not their station. GOD IM EXCITED FOR THIS LOL
Graduate H.S. first and then take college classes for Paramedic and fire science. try to get on a dept that either will pay for the schooling or go volunteer paid on call til you get done with college
Good_33, First, slow down. You have a good 5 years before you would be eligible for most departments. As most have mentioned, stay in school. I'm not judging you here, but stay out of trouble as well. Many options and opportunities lie ahead. You're off to a good start already by knowing what you want to do. If you have not already, may I suggest you take a CPR and First Aid class. This will give you a head start. Also have you considered looking at the military? Get paid while you train and gain experience as well. Best of luck to you and follow your dream.

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