Just logged on this afternoon and see the new Firefighter Nation format. I like it. Very clean and professional looking. Thanks for continuing to upgrade and improve this wonderful service you provide. Keep up the good work.

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font is wwwwwwwaaaaayyyy too small
Any chance of reducing the size of the background and making the source page larger?
I can see that, you are either slapping yourself on the back, or making nice, to the ones that did. Well, let's see what happened here, someone got a wild hair up their a*# and changed the "FORMAT". They went into our personal pages and "CLEANED THEM UP"... Without notifying us, they cleared our backgrounds, removed my Red White and Blue colors, Then took away our personal themes... Everyone is now required to use "Gray-Black-Red-White" I think theres a word for that. "Conformity", Now we're all the same, we all look alike, dress alike and will have to act alike.
Do I like what was done here, to take away our individualism. No... it's not for me, "this is America, "We Earned the Right to Chose..."
Really, profile page is *important*?
Come on, you're a guest on a private site that establishes both the rules and the appearance. YOUR right to choose ended as soon as you agreed to the Terms Of Service.

If how your profile page appears is so important then you might want to reconsider those things you find to be important. Is NOT being able to *personalize* your page somehow interfering with your nesting instinct?

To ME, what is important is the level and caliber of the discussions on this site. It's the give and take with peers on actual fire related issues, the exchange of ideas, tactics and knowledge. And I more than enjoy the heated exchanges we've had in here, most often on things NOT fire related. But it's all good fun.

So while everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, worrying about not being able to personalize their page is something I would expect juniors to be concerned about, not adults. And as for my own profile, I find it a nice billboard on which I can (more or less) plainly state some fundamental, personal ideology. Mostly in the hope that it pisses some people off and maybe makes others think. But should all of that be removed, I really couldn't care. There are other far more important things to be concerned about, like; what am going to have for lunch.
Jack, well, my good buddy, you have again plainly and simply stated the echo of my thinking. (scary) Tis True! Well said Bro!

Weird how that happens, huh? i'm sure I'll ruffle some pin feathers.

By the way, I like my musical choices better than yours, but I've always been a fan of EC.
Site Design FYI
Just a quick note we're in the initial stages of expanding the site over the next month. The social community site may have a few oddball hours or so here and there where the design may be off. Please bear with us....an expanded FFN is coming soon with even more content!

It's development and testing changes as we grow, for the better and for your benefit; not trampling on your 'rights'.

You're free to continue with your "Last Word" or "Caption This" discussions.
Well I don't like the new format but my opinion means nothing. The font got smaller and the ads got bigger.... sign of the times I guess
At least the forum is still free.
Gotta pay for bandwidth and software with advertisements.
yeah, I miss that!!!!
the front page is great...not so for "My Page"

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