i want to hear if you've had any problems with them and which one are you most likely to recommend and why!

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havent had a chance to use any of the amkus equipment, but in using hurst and holmatro tools, i wouldnt recommend hurst. Just personal preference but the hurst systems i have used i didnt like the tips on the spreaders or the weight of the tools in general. Hope this helps (or at least get the discussion going)

We run amkus on all our engines and they work very well compare to hurst they are lighter and stronger.

Just curious - are the Hurst comparisons being made with Hurst tools made in the last 20 years, or with older Hurst tools.


Current-model Hurst tools are comparable in weight and bulk to any other manufacturer, and they have features that most other manufacturers can't touch.

When evaluating new hydraulic tools for my department, the people doing the selection ended with the following ranking:


1. Genesis

2. Hurst

3. Holmatro

4. Amkus

5. Everything else.


The Genesis beat or exceed the specs of any other tools on the market, and they have several features that either can be matched only by Hurst (the two-line, single coupling hose design) or that are unmatched (coupling changes under power, highest-rated cutter strength, boron-rated cutter and combi-tool blades, safest trigger design). 


Any comparison of extrication tools should not be artificially restricted to just two manufacturers.

Sorry  I could only compare the tools that i have personally used repeatedly. Actual head to head comparison was approx 15 years ago switching from hurst to holmatro and the on going comparison was in various classes thru the years using other peoples equipment. For the most part all equipment was comparable years model. I did use amkus once at an expo but that doesnt actually count as it was their best equipment at a demo they set up

I am a Diehard Hurst fan, both of my POC FDs run various Hurst tools.  They perform well and are newer so the weight comparison of the older Hurst tools is irrelevant to today's tools.

I must admit though TNT extrication tools are light, strong, fast, especially when you do the Accelerator Mode of operation.  I was skeptical to say the least when we replaced our older Hurst equipment with the TNT tools but they work GREAT!  If you are looking to buy new extrication equipment I would look into them.  They are an American owned company located in Ashippun Wisconsin and claim to be all Made in the USA.



Get a demonstration of current Hurst equipment vs. their competition.  You might be very surprised.


I've only seen one manufacturer actually agree to a head-to-head, apples-to-apples comparison against Hurst in the past several years, and that was Genesis.


Lots of salesmen that vend Hurst's competition make a living by comparing their apples to Hurst oranges that are at least a quarter-century old.

I guess everyone has their preference on the tools they work with. I like amkus because there light weight and have one of those you break it we replace it for free so thats always a good thing to have. Our speed cutter cut through a 45 pound weight which those are pretty thick. But i would like to try other brands

I would recommend TNT. Lighter, well balanced, and easy to use. Just my opinion !!!!

There is a poll in firehouse.com about this whole matter heres the link for everyone to see


Neither- Go with Holmotro

It has been years since I ran Holmatro tools, but when I did they were lightweight and seemed to work well.  Unfortunately, we have no Holmatro dealers in our area.  We have Hurst, TNT, and AMKUS and TNT is making HUGE inroads with many FDs.

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