Well I just started a new Volli House and during a LP gas burn training the other night, I pulled a old school and put my mask on last and pulled the nomex on first. So the nomex was not going over the mask if you follow what I am saying. So here is the discussion what do you guys out in the world do? Is it quicker to put the mask on last?

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If you don your hood after you put on your coat, then you waste time tucking in the neck portion of the hood under the coat. If you don't tuck it in part of the purpose of the hood is defeated.

I keep my hood on top of my bunker boots; it's the first thing that goes on. It gets pulled down around the neck, then over the mask edges/webbing/straps as others have said.
We put the nomex hood on first.
jdstamps post is the right way to don your S.C.B.A. the only thing I see that is different is the time to do so.

He has in his post you have 70 seconds when I took mine it was 60 seconds to don it.
Well I can see why you would in a real call adrenalin pumping you just slap it on...but don't you put your hood on efore your turnout coat so its tucked in?.. then once coats on you pull hood off while ride in..that allows you to scott up and place mask on head then pull hood on..honestly the mask straps can ride or slip up on the hoods material when its under hood it helps hold it in place..plus skin hair all hold it on..but during a drill you should wear it right since you aren't in a dramatic rush situation...
Quicker does not equal safer! En route to the scene, you can put your hood on and pull it down so it's around your neck. Then when you mask up, just pull the hood up and cover your mask like it's supposed to be. Simple, yes?
You hit the nail square on Brian. Simple, hell yes. TCSS
Thanks, Billy. I try to go by the KISS method. (KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid.) Stay safe!
put on hood than coat. than pull hood after mask
I was taught to put hood over mask. This way IF things got a bit hot you are not melting the rubber straps on your mask.
I like your use of the word 'IF' Chad.
I thought someone might like that. LOL Who knows maybe someone on here does only ice rescues with full turn out gear and a nomex hood?? LOL
Donning with speed is a good practice, but putting the scba on the correct away and safely is the best way. Hast makes waste!

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