Well I just started a new Volli House and during a LP gas burn training the other night, I pulled a old school and put my mask on last and pulled the nomex on first. So the nomex was not going over the mask if you follow what I am saying. So here is the discussion what do you guys out in the world do? Is it quicker to put the mask on last?

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I mask up first hood on second.
I myself 90% of the time do it old style with my hood under the mask, because that was how I was trained to do it. But when I am suiting up to go in with my son our another newer member that has been thru FF1 they remind me to pull it over the mask. Also I used to wear my eye glasses under the mask as well and got a seal. Until about four years ago when we up dated our paks and mask I got the eye glass frames to go inside of my mask and had old lense's fit to them.
should be hood turnout coat mask hood helmet.....yes you can get away with the way you wore it but it can slip easier . you don't want that mask slipping or shifting when flames are licking your face
Wear the Nomex and put it on first Then the mask goes on over and in conjunction with the hood.
Hood first, then mask up. In our jackets, there´s second hood, that one goes over the mask to cover rubber straps.
I put my hood, them I put my jacket, them mask and on last I put my hood over the mask protecting the rubber parts of the mask.
If you put your hood before the mask that doesn't stanch the air.
I'll keep my response to this subject quiet, if you know what I mean.

Iam old school, I put on my hood and then my mask, I do not like the rubber touching my face that can cause serious burns from the rubber. you need a tight fitting hood to get a good seal .


Bill Lundstrum

Webb city Fire

HI all

-I put my hood on,

-Then I take on my jacket

-Mask up

-Pull my hood over the mask

When I use "click mask" I put my hood on first - mask on.. then I make sure whit my finger that the hood is on the outside off the rubber.

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