ok i have somthing on my mind i cant get over. i want to be a carrer fire fighter, but i dont know how to. all my life ive wanted to go to the marine corps but i changed my mind.


i want to go to texas a&m for college, but i dont know what scholorship i need to get and if they offer it. so please help.. thanks for your time

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You could be a firefighter (Crash Crew) in the Marines. Maybe Texas A&M has an R.O.T.C. program. Shouldn't be too hard to look into.
thats a really good point but i dont know much about it thanks ill look into it.
First off, if you're still interested in the Marine Corps, take a look into it. Yes, you may get a chance to be a FF, but you will still get money for college, you have chances to take college courses while serving, and you should get vet points for a civil service test, which fire depts use. The nice thing is, it doesn't matter what your job is in the military, you get the points regardless if you were a cook, firefighter, or desk pusher.

Now if you are just looking for school, check out their sites. If looking at a 4 year program, it will cost quite a bit, consider a tech school that offers an Associates in fire science, also look into getting your paramedic cert. There are scholoraships available and all types of them, check with a school to see if there are some offered with them, otherwise, check the internet....you will be busy.

As for becomming a career FF, it isn't too hard going about. Some depts ask for only that you be 18, HS diploma (or GED), Driver license. You take a written test, a physical agility, an interview, and wait for a call or you get a rejection letter. Other depts ask for certs like FF1, FF2, etc, some ask that you be at least an EMT-B, others ask you to be paramedic. If you want the best chances at getting hired, make yourself as marketable as you can, get your fire certs, get EMT and then paramedic, get a degree, etc.

If I were you, the first step I would be making is looking at schools I find interesting and start with what they have to offer, from tuition to scholarships. If still interested in the military, go for it. 4 years isn't bad and you can knock off a lot of general education requirements that most colleges ask for. You get training not seen elsewhere, you are more marketable because you learn discipline, working in a chain of command etc, moreso than most people who go to school and get hired on a dept.
Google USAjob.gov or something like that. There's a ton of firefighter jobs at the federal level. I also suggest you join the military to become a professional fireman and to get the GI Bill so you can get college money.
Don't ever give up your dreams but don't expect them to be handed to you. Put your mind to it and do what you set out to do!
Very good Lindsay. Hunter, that ff chick knows a thing or two, as does everyone else who commented (except me, lol nothing more to offer than what was already said). If you have the sincere desire to do it, then just get at it. Don't expect people to spoon feed you in this business, because it just won't do any good. Everyone will help anyone when asked, but the individual must do the real work.
Good luck to you.

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