I came from a large department in New York
where we had 300 plus members. We also had
seven companies within the department. Each
company had a Captain & 2 lieutenants. The
department had as follows:
4- Chiefs
7- Captains

In the small department i'm serving with here
in South Carolina, has approximatly 40 members.
We have as follows:
3- Chiefs
3- Captains
4- Lieutenants

So how many officers dose your department have ????

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Hey Cody, Thanks for responding to the discussion.
Stay safe out there Brother.
Capt we have an ever changing staff of 12 during the summer and 50 during the summer... Our officer Break down is as follows....
Winter -
1 Chief (Denver)
2 Capt's (1 Denver) ( 1 Antarctica)
2 Lt's

Summer -
1 Chief (Floats between Denver and the Ice)
3 Capts on the Ice
8 Lt's
Again Mike, Thank you for responding to the discussion.
I see that you have a lot more in the summer months. I
haven't seen that before. I would guess that you have small
amount of calls in the winter. Thanks again, and be safe out
there Brother.
Yeah we have a much smaller population 1100 in the summer and 150 during the winter... We also operate 2 stations during the summer as well as an additional airfield
Hey Mike, Thanks again for getting back to me with
that information. Stay safe Brother.
Our department has 21 members. We have six officers: 1 Chief, 2 Asst. Chiefs, and 3 Captains.
Are dept. has
1 Chief
1 Asst. Chief
2 Captains
4 Lieutenants
4 Asst. Lieutenants
55 Firefighters
Thanks for responding to the discussion.
Sounds as if you come from a small department, I will
say, I like a small dept. over a larger dept. I came from
a large dept. of over 300 members, and now I am with a
dept. with 40 members. It seems more like family to me.
Thanks again, stay safe Brother.
We have 32 active members of our department.
1- Asst. Chief
2- Captains
2- Lieutenants
Mick I'm currently with the Chennault International Airport Fire Department. It used to be an old old old AFB, now it's mainly used by the military to train pilots and test new aircraft. It has one of the largest runways in the world and is one of the few locations the space shuttle can land incase of emergency (10,701 ft). The Airforce works on their special jet here and that's the main reason why the airport has a fire department. We cover the airport and about a good 1-2mile perimeter. The city has a station just across the highway from us so it's rare for us to goto a call off the airfield. The city's regional airport (LCH) is located about 10-15miles from our airfield, but if a plane goes down over there we will send atleast 1 truck to help out.
I belong to a small Volunteer Fire Department of approx. 20 active firefighters. We have a chief 2 asst chiefs, a Captain and lieutenant. I hold the position of Captain right now.
I've never heard of an asst Lt. thats different.

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