I came from a large department in New York
where we had 300 plus members. We also had
seven companies within the department. Each
company had a Captain & 2 lieutenants. The
department had as follows:
4- Chiefs
7- Captains

In the small department i'm serving with here
in South Carolina, has approximatly 40 members.
We have as follows:
3- Chiefs
3- Captains
4- Lieutenants

So how many officers dose your department have ????

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We are a 35 member department and we have:

1 fire chief
1 asst. chief
1 training chief
4 captains - 2 fire captains, 1 EMS captain, 1 water rescue captain
4 LT's - 2 fire LT's, 2 EMS LT's
We have 1 Chief, 2-Assistant Chiefs, 2- Captains, and 1- Lieutenants
Nogales Fire Department
1 fire chief
1 cap
4 lt
4 srg.
4 corporals
and we are 120 ff
Hey Justin, Thanks for adding to the discussion.
Do you have any Captains, or lieutenants within
your department ??
Hey Capt., Thanks for responding to the discussion,
and all the information shared with us.
Be safe out there Brother.
Hey Chief, Thanks again for adding to the discussion.
How many members do you have in your department ??
Hey Marcko, Thanks for sharing that information with us.
You be safe out there Brother.
HOLD IT MICK !!!!! I understand "Padre" means Father. But rather than correct the Brothers and Sisters here who call me Padre (a lot) because I'm a chaplain, I have sort of let it slide as a nickname because it works for them and its an honor to me. Most have no Pastor or Priest. If that is the way they want (or need) to percieve me, that works. But, to me, actually being called "Father" has significantly greater implications. I am not ordained. I have been appointed by the presidents of my fire company, the Chautauqua County Fire Chiefs Assoc. and the Southwestern New York Firemans Assoc. and by the CEO of the local Hospital. They give me the impression that I just might be called to do it. I held most titles the Fire Service has to offer before I got in to this job that I find most rewarding. Back at you Brother. Go with God.
Little River Volunteer Fire Department Lenoir NC

30 volunteers

1 paid that is not a member.

1 Chief

1 Assistant Chief

2 Captains

2 LT./Training Officer

1 Safety Officer

the other 23 members are regular firefighters

those firefighters also include our JR. Firefighters who come to meetings train and are allowed to got fires but not allowed to fight them. they also work traffic control on MVA's
Hay AJ, Thanks for responding to the discussion,
and for the information reguarding your deprtment.
Hope all is well in Little River FD. Stay safe Brother.
We have about 10 active members. As far as officers go, we don't really have any other than the chief and asst. chief.
Hey Matt, Thanks for responding to the discussion.
I would have to say that you have the smallest
department thus far from all who have responded to
this discusion. Stay safe Brother.

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