The first call I answered in NY was a false alarm. My first call here in SC, I will never forget.
It was a structure fire where we lost a mother, and three children. It was a very difficult time
for the entire fire department. This is not the way anyone should have to answer their first alarm, but it happens. I can only prey that I don't have to come accross another alarm such as that.

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my first call was a mutual aid run in a near by town for a chimney fire wich had started the whole house up
crash with injuries
My first call on a Fire Apparatus was on a car reported hitting a dumpster, I rode out on the rescue. My wife went on the medic, it was her first call period. What had happened was the gentleman had just stolen a trailer full of lumber and had a heart attack.
My wife next 6 or 7 runs ended up being cardiac arrest's, and remind you these were her first runs ever...
My first call very unforgetable.... I was at a practice for a drum line i am in and i heard this weird BEEP BEEP BEEP coming from my pager i had NO idea what the hell was wrong i thought i broke it or something....
Next i hear a fimilar voice (911 Dispatcher) come on and dispatch exactly this
"Columbia 911 to Philmont fire Philmont Resuce priority one Respond to an AA unknown if PI (AAPI = Auto accident personal injury for those who use MVA) On the Tachonic State Parkway about half a mile south of the Philmont Exit unknown North Bound or South Bound lane" their dispatch number and the time. It was around 7 o clock and Dark
So i ran to the fire house jumped into the rescue truck (47-9) called in Waiting for a driver.... Driver came and we rushed to the parkway spot lights going and searching...
Finally a state Trooper found the car over the gaurd rail and impailed between 2 trees.... Cheif got on to the accident and immediatly called for mutual aid from our neighbors with the Jaws of LIfe.... everyone worked hard to exctract the one female patient and get her to safty... Life Net Medavact was called in to transport the lady to Albany Medical.... I was helping land the helicopter right as the ambulance got on scene with the one female patient.... it was around 11 oclock when i got back home.... Lucky i had Jaws training a few weeks before that call
The day I walked into the fire station to get an application to join was when my first call happened. They accepted me on the spot and had just finished issuing my gear and doing the paperwork. Call came in to assist ems gain access to a house for a welfare check on a regular patient. Turned out I was the thinnest guy on the rig so I was sent up a ladder to an open 2nd story window and I was to then open the front door for the crew. The window happened to be the bedroom where the patient was actually sound asleep. I can not begin to describe the fright I got when the lady suddenly woke up with a start as I shook her shoulder! We both screamed. Yep, I won't forget that call.
first ems: Bernise fell in her bathroom. lift assist only.

first fire: passenger jump seat on E2. power pole on fire behind a house.

i was so excited to be able to finally run calls! i dont think ill ever forget!
My first call was when I was a Jr firefighter. We had a call for a missing three year old boy. We found him the next day under water in a log jam. The family had a party a did miss him for about 3 to 4 hrs later.
Like it was yesterday................
My first call was 3 weeks on the job back in August of this year (first call I got to go on). Fully involved garage fire. I wasn't going to respond thinking I wouldn't make an engine. Ended up getting to the station and was asked if I had my fire 1 and 2. LT told be to get my stuff and jump in. Got there just in time to see one of our guys getting his clothes cut off. Turns out after finishing the primary search he fell down the un-railed stairwell to the basement and they thought he dislocated a shoulder. Turns out he snapped the ball off his humerus. He's still out. But I got to do some overhaul, hit a few hot spots and do rooftop ventilation. Man was it a rush!
My first call was dispatched as a tree rescue when we got on location what we had was a guy that went in to cardiac arrest while trimming trees and was D.O.A so we got him down and then we got him ready for the funeral home to pick up the body and take it to the m.e. office.
Definately remember my first. Being the newbie I rode upfront (in the middle) on my first call, a building. The officer told me enroute how to hit the hydrant. I still remember he said, "wait for the sound of the air horn." So they dropped me off at the hydrant, pulled the 5in, wrapped it and off they went. I hooked up to the plug and was watching the engine when suddenly I heard two long air horn blasts. Now being as I was 18 when I joined I had learned a few things about common sense. A moving fire engine + hose filling with water = someone getting wet. So I waited to see what happened. Suddenly the fire police capt. came racing down to me shouting, "Don't charge the hydrant." I told him I hadn't and was waiting. He explained that the approaching ambulance had honked at a car. Turned out it was a roof fire set off by contractors who put it out before we got there. Good times, good times.

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