because we rnot full time thats why we just risk our lives the same as paid

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forgot to take the steak off the grill
Don't forget that part of being a firefighter is learning to enjoy that burnt taste. LOL
We (departments) don't necessarily need to be recognized by the public. We'd just rather not be criticized by the public. Internally we should recognize each other, though, to maintain morale.
I love that saying, "Freedom isn't free."
Aren't the media marvelous?
cheif i understand that but i brought this up because my brother is a volenteer also and he saved a 6 mth old baby boy and all he got was we were told no one was in the house but thanks for your help ROOKIE
tommy i brought this up for my little brother who is a rookie in another state and he saved a six month old lil child and all he got was thanks rookie
tommy i enjoy the position i hold as a volenteer i dont care if i get recognized or not i opened the disscussion for my lil brother
thanks but like i told tommy im not in it for the media display im in it for the glory thrill and adventure in the calls i love being a volenteer firefighter but i guess i just rubbed the way way on people about this discussion.and like i said its ot about the media its about going that extra mile on the call and doing what you can to keep yourself and others around you safe to make sure you and your brother firefighters get home to your family and life safety life perserving property conservation scene safety.but i wasnt trying to start a big arguement just wanted to get my point understand i got my brother envolved in firefighting and he enjoyes as well as i do and all he got was we were told noone was in the house thanks rookie for saving a six month old baby.
i volenteer for the same reason i just want to have a problem heard for my brother a new rookie in the department and he has already made a life savein effort.
I'm sorry but this to me is like rewarding kids for getting good grades...I never got money or special treatment for good grades or doing the right thing growing up.
Yeah and look where those grades got you- now stop talking logic and go back to your room!!!!!
it's not a personal attack- lighten up....
lol... I did an interview once and the final "quote" from me was, "It's not just my job, it's my life!" Uhhh, I wasn't in Backdraft, I would never say that. I won't be doing interviews anymore.

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