I was wondering last night now other Fire Departments are dispatched. Here's an example of us for Fire and EMS.

Fire/or other related call.
KDP-395 to all (Department) home receivers.
Report of a (nature of call) at address or location.
Cross roads between so on and so forth.
Repeats with KPP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

KDP-395 to all Department Home Receivers.
ALS or BLS/EMS Request at so and so residence.
Cross roads are between this and that.
For a something or other age male/female with complaint.
Repeats with KDP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

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since the ambulance is dipatched to all ems calls for the Odin Fire det. it is dispatched as attention odin fire and odin ems you are responding to ems call and then the street and address is given then they tell us what type of call and age of pt.then they say time then salem psap
for Schuyler county NY they are dispatched:

Montour Falls EMS or Fire monitors


Schuyler county fire to montour falls fire or ems monitors requested to (Address)
for a (nature of call) this will be a (call category number)(response type)(subcategory Number) so something like a 30delta1 response.
What happened to plain English? 30delta1?
I'm retired, I don't get dispatched anymore, but my weather alert radio does a good job of reminding me of the old days, especially during tornado season.
911 to Madison County Fire Department and (volunteer district).
Report of a (nature of call) at xxxx any street.
(Any other details if available)
Time out 0000 hours.
Our tones then Station 25 station 26 respond to report of....... upon starting out we sign with "1 25 whatever unit " dispatch reponse is 25..to confirm same upon arrival then if structure we switch to assigned fire ground to clear nmain channel
Fire/Related while in Quaters:
1) capt. office phones rings with *tones* and station lights and print out of location and call type
2) "Engine58/Rescue58/Lightforce58/Taskforce58 (depending who is in and the call type.)
reported structure fire. XXXX Robertson Blvd. cross of Pico Blvd. Time out 14:15. Tac12. OCD Clear."

EMS/Related while in Quaters:
1a) capt. office phones rings with *tones* and station lights and print out of location and call type
2) "Rescue58/Engine and Rescue 58/Lightforce and Rescue 58 (depending who is in and the call type.)
respond to the cardiac arrest at XXXX Pico Blvd. cross of Robertson Blvd. Time out 22:30. OCD clear."

Radio is the same. only nothing in the station happence except for the print out.
one tone for info, two tones for emergency calls...
attention Thomson fire and ambulance personnel, have a report of a two vehicle accident, multiple injuries, with entrapment IL rt 84 just north of town...repeat... followed by KIC390 savanna fire clear or carroll county clear...

box alarm

all call tones...(county-wide)

mabas division 29 to all locals, whatever fire dept has pulled mabas box whatever to the whatever alarm level... departments due to respond... "station name and trucks to respond with"... please switch to and acknowledge on IFERN (illinois fire emergency radio network) used for mabas ops, we will let incoming depts know what fireground channel to opperate on and where to stage using this channel. KIC 390 Carroll county or Savanna fire clear...

right up my alley...lol im also a 911 dispatcher for our county...
seeing that Im a dispatcher for the county Im a fire fighter in this should be really easy for me lol

Tones go off .....BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dade County West Brow West Brow Life gard Medic 670 Need to respond **** Phillips Ln Will Be inrf To a 30 year old Female complaining of a tooth ach adv that she has been hurting for the past 3 days.

Life Gard Medic 670 Dade

Dispatcher- Life Gard Medic 670

medic 670 - Clear responding

330 dade (churp)

dispatcher -unit 330

330 -clear responding

Dispatcher - clear responding
Heres something about being dispatched. How long does a unit in a station have to radio that they are on the air before communications starts checking to see? We have one minute from the time the first call goes out. Some of our officers cheat by carrying portable radios and call on the air before we start the unit and hope it does start after doing that.
Our county started this sometime back. Now think about crews asleep after midnight getting up and pushing through the door to man either a pumper, truck or ambulance with a four to five personel station crew or getting dressed during the day before getting on the unit with full PPE.
I use to jump on with helmet, coat and pull up boots that could cover your thighs in less than a minute in station back before we had to wear bunker pants with boots all the time.
We usually get 2 minutes then if no one acknowleges the call then we get a 2nd tone. After 2 more minutes the next closest dept. will get toned out to it. This usually only happens during the day on medical calls since we are extremely short on first responders. Luckily our county is saturated with ambulances all over so it doesn't take long for EMS to get there. They usually beat us to the scene since they are already on station and we are not. I have been known to start the station north of us for calls during the day because they are manned 24/7 and the majority of them are EMTs.
be advised this a voulenteer station.


Attention all fire personel, you have a 10-70 structure fire at whatever street. Be advised there are no occupants inside the structure at this time.

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