I was wondering last night now other Fire Departments are dispatched. Here's an example of us for Fire and EMS.

Fire/or other related call.
KDP-395 to all (Department) home receivers.
Report of a (nature of call) at address or location.
Cross roads between so on and so forth.
Repeats with KPP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

KDP-395 to all Department Home Receivers.
ALS or BLS/EMS Request at so and so residence.
Cross roads are between this and that.
For a something or other age male/female with complaint.
Repeats with KDP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

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Central District Standby for Page:
Central District- Moore Haven Signal 25 Structure XXX SR-27, caller advises heavy smoke and flames showing

Engine 5 Moore Haven 10-8

(Dispatch repeats reference and address)

Engine 5 10-51
guess these are all volunteer pages not paid
We're combination, paid and volly
Beep Beep Beep
Stand By Ticonderoga EMS Stand By Ti

Ticonderoga EMS Please Respond To ***** For a Life line activation
We Call In ONe by One
Repeates three time then mutual aide
Before the changes, fire communications would ring stations on the hot lines and ask if the station had a crew for the ambulance or crew for engine for a local before putting the call out over the air.
Sometimes we would get a tip for a jump on a call over the phone to get on the units before a call came out for something big. The phone would ring and someone would pick it up and someone would say "Turn Left" or "Can't Talk Now"
When address went out we knew to start running for the gear racks before station numbers were called.
Sometimes our station wasn't called and we would stop in our tracks because a truck or squad was out of service.
Tones by town dispatch but i am looking into along with chief a program hits our pagers then cells at same time as we key up cell it tells station and chief who is coming in
For us it comes over our pagers.....

Bellevue Dist. 3 Rescue Call
xxxx S. 46th St.
xx YOM Difficulty Breathing

(fire) ...tones...
Bellevue District 3/4 fire call
Automatic Fire Detection signal
xxxx Twin Creek Dr.
Fire control to youngstown.
Your equipment requested, *address* for a possible working structure fire.
Repeating to all youngstown monitors
Your equipment requested, *address* for a possible working structure fire.
time out 16:21 your incident will be on OPS 1. KEC 990 WQCC 454.

beee da bee daee beeee beee bee. (chhhhhhh) <(squelch static)

and when dispatch isnt too busy. we get a text message with the address and info.
are three full time departments are dispatched by south county fire alarm. each house there own tones for there engines house and we when are station is getting a call. first dispatch alert, then the tones down for what time of call it is and what ruck in being dispatched and the address then the cross street. south county clear, kkk-618. and i at night or if any lights are out the bays or or living quarters and dayrooms when a call is coming though. you here dispatch and the lights come on and then the tones drop. ans so on and so forth.
*tones* Attention ay available bland county vol fire department members we have a 10-70 at such and such place at the time wpcz996. we have radios and we mark in and we roll.

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