My Cousin is graduating a firefighter one class tonight but she has to take a test before so... while reviewing some quesitons we came across one that has us both baffeled.... please help
the question :
When advancing a hose line up a ladder what is the best and safest method to use?
A) advance an uncharged hose line
B) Advance a charged hose line
C) Never advance a hose line up a ladder
D) Tie the hose line to the ladder

If i could get some serious feed back and help on this i would greatly appreciate it

Thank you

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if I absolutely had to,( and at times I did), I would carry a charged line up. Just for the single reason of the hose reaction when charging.
I was taught that you advance an uncharged line up a ladder draped over your shoulder with the nozzle on your back. That way if the line is accidentally charged, it will force you into the ladder and not off. I see no dangers to advancing an uncharged hose line up onto a single story roof via a properly footed ground ladder.
This is a good one Kevin, typical state test BS. C and D, at least to me is not an option, you WILL have to advance a hose line up a ladder, and the idea of tying it off...well lets say it gets away, I don't want a whipping line tied to my ladder. A and B I can go both ways, I don't like B because too many things can happen when you charge a line, over zealous pump operator and a small FF, even with the leg lock, he or she may be looking at the sky. A is my answer, and dredging around in my memory I got a picture of 3 FF's on the ladder each one passing up the nozzle and holding the hose behind, or pulling it up with a rope, but will have to dig up my essentials book to confirm....and that my friend is where your answer lies, in your book.
As a Fire Instructor who teaches FF1, I would choose (a). You advance the line up the ladder uncharged, either use a leg lock or ladder belt to secure yourself, secure the hose line to the ladder with a strap and then charge the line.
Thank you everyone but the correct answer seems to be B the hose goes up underneath the first persons arm pit around the front of the chest and over the right shoulder and the head of the hose is to rest in the low of the back... and down to the next person....
I would like to say Thank you everyone for all your help and all your answers helped alot and i know it was very misleading which is why i was confused... Thanks again and Happy Holidays
Seems like one of those "what's the best and most correst answer out of the choices" multiple choice questions.

Is it a policy of those administrating the test to never advance a ladder with a hose? (C). Maybe, and that would be the safest and best answer.

In getting an uncharged hose up to higher elevation I believe ropes are a better method. So (A) wouldn't be the best answer.

If it was charged (B), dang it would be heavy plus it would imply that it might be used while on the ladder and opening the nozzle might jet you off ladder and if tied (D), the ladder with you on it. Those answers are not so good and probably false.

All that being said I'm leaning toward (C) as the best and most correst answer.

PS Sometimes knowing the methology of the tert administrators helps.

Good luck and hope all goes well with the test.
OK I got to correct myself here...I don't like B because, should be A

A is my answer, should be B

Now for the record, just checked my FF II instructors manual, and there are proceedures for BOTH A & B
Kevin, it may come down to local or state preference.

This question is likely about taking a hoseline up a ladder to use for fire attack on an upper floor, not for use directed into the window at the top of the ladder.

In South Carolina, the best answer is a) because advancing an uncharged line up a ladder is faster, easier, and safer.

b) is correct in some situations, but is not preferred due to the extra labor involved and the reduction in firefighter safety.

c) is incorrect - there are situations where you must take a line up a ladder, so "never" isn't an option.

d) is incorrect because you can't advance the line up the ladder while it is tied off. The context is "advancing" the line here. If the context were "operating a fixed line" from the ladder, d) might be a lesser included option, but it's not accurate for this one.

If the fire academy involved prefers b), maybe the instructors need to consider a) because it's a better option.
Funny thing about state test's, 1 answer is usually out in left field, 1 a no, and 2 that could go either way, seems to be the same across the nation, hell somtimes it gets answered 2 questions later.

I have a two-question test that will help anyone do better on fire-rescue multiple choice tests.
I think I'll post it as a seperate discussion so everyone can learn a little about how this works.

What do you think?
That is usually the case in almost every multiple choice test given. With some thought, you can turn it into a 50/50 choice.

Does this mean that if you're south of the Equator, you should carry the hose up the ladder from the right side of the ladder?

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