My Cousin is graduating a firefighter one class tonight but she has to take a test before so... while reviewing some quesitons we came across one that has us both baffeled.... please help
the question :
When advancing a hose line up a ladder what is the best and safest method to use?
A) advance an uncharged hose line
B) Advance a charged hose line
C) Never advance a hose line up a ladder
D) Tie the hose line to the ladder

If i could get some serious feed back and help on this i would greatly appreciate it

Thank you

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im thinking C the reason that im thinking that is that you shouldnt advance a charged line up a ladder and conduct firefighting operations unless the ladder is secured and you are secured to the ladder. Its been awhile since ive had my hose A and hose B classes (TEEX fireschool) so thats my opinion but im sure Jack/Damn Thing or Art or any of the Good ole boys can help.
That does sound like a good answer, but I have, in the past, advanced up a ladder with a hose. Mind you it was only about 6-8ft. and the hose was charged. Fallowed orders from the chief. I would not haul hose up a ladder to a roof top, charged or uncharged. That's why we have ropes and knots and methods of attaching such hoses.
I would still go with "C". For the main reason that when advancing up a ladder safely, you are supposed to always have 3 points of contact with the ladder.( 2 feet, one hand or 2 hands one foot). Now what happens if you are holding a hose? You automatically eliminate one point of contact.....So, yeah,,"C" for me too.
wait wait Derek what about the leg lock method
shew im glad I was worried about opening my mouth and being wrong
So it's a misleading question, with several answers.

I can agree, problem here is you can have countless of different answers and thought process and reasoning. The bottom line is what does the book/instructor say so that you can puke back the correct information??

When advancing a hose line up a ladder what is the best and safest method to use?

I'm going with: A) advance an uncharged hose line.....and my reasoning:

The questions asks about advancing a hoseline up a ladder, it doesn't ask about firefighting from the ladder. I can climb a ladder to a window, balcony, etc to make a fire attack without having to waste a lot of line going up stairs, etc. I can make a quicker more direct fire attack without pulling more line wasting time. I now have a ladder placed at the upper floor for an egress if needed. I can throw the nozzle and portion of the hose over my shoulder and climb up. I hand the line off to someone else, or make entry. I can now have the line charged when I'm off the ladder.

In one of the districts I worked in, we preplanned a disability, low income, senior living complex, 3 stories, wood frame, no fire stops, no sprinklers. As part of that planning we determined that it may be neccessary to ladder an apartment away from one on fire to start a fire attack. This would mean pulling lines up ground ladders.
dang and i got excited that i was right then got shot down lol
dang and i got excited that i was right then got shot down lol

Who says I'm right and your wrong? I just defended my reasoning for choosing the answer, hopefully convincing enough, but not saying it is the right answer.
I would have to go with C. Ted brought up some very valid points.
I would have to go with B & C, well if you were going to advance a attack line up a ladder, you wouldn't want to charge it and loose your balance, and you could use a ladder strap for securing the hose to rungs while you advance up the ladder so you could still maintain your 3 points of contact. When I was at the Department of Defense Fire Academy, we advanced charged attack lines up the ladder and used the ladder strap as I previously stated. But, you still need additional manpower at the bottom to help feed the hose up to you. Even then, some nozzle's pistol grips angle back so you could even use that to hold it on the rung, but use the ladder strap to be safe. Hope that helped.
Answer A

When you are having to advance a hose-line up a ladder, it should be carried up the ladder from the left side, with the nozzle draped over your shoulder, and uncharged. If the line is accidentally charged, there is less of a chance the hose will push you away from the ladder. Once sufficient hose is in place, then it is secured to the ladder.
I assume they are asking about a ground ladder. The uncharged line is easist and safest. You fold the hose over your shoulder and and use both hands on the rungs to advance up the ladder. This is a great option when you roll up on a 2nd floor fire in an 3 story apartment building. The allows the front door to the apartment to remain closed and not contaminate the hallway that is being used for evacuation. You can also use this if you have to VES a room and you are concerned about the room flashing over on you. This is also the technique to get handlines to the roof of building. The correct answer has to be "A". If you had time you could also climb the ladder and drop a utility line down to be used to hoist the line to your location.
ahhh yes. The leg lock method is good for safety when stationary on a ladder...but you still have to get up there. I've done many leg locks and it's not something I wanna try while holding a hoseline and advancing up.

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