Can someone please send me a clip art graphic of a Maltese cross that does not have a dept on it. Im trying to put a package together for my non profit and i guess my motor skills are not working very well today.

thank you

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Hey Melissa go into my Profile I have one.... Its got blue flames around it go take a look and see if you like it....
Hello Melissa try this site it has tons of stuff you may or may not find what you are loking for
I can't resist it!

Melissa, do you want the real Maltese Cross, or the cross that is used by North American FD's?
Well played Tony. I don't know why, but I love stirring the pot a little on that issue. I try not to do that too often, but that topic is one I can't resist.

Something simple like this?

Or something like this?
try google images, you can find anything there.
I think, Eric, that we must simply like to use correct terms for things?

I'll thank J. Brooks (below) for the idea of of using Google images. The first shown emblem from my search for 'maltese cross' was:

The second image led me to - in interesting document.

Stirring the pot? Yes, I've been known to do that. I've often thought that maybe the people who dislike our stirring the most are those that can see that they were wrong, but perhaps want to admit it? Hmm, am I heading where the last thread about the 'Cross' went? That one was fun :)
I like this emblem, it distinctly identifies the North American fire services. It can be made too fancy, and some of the devices placed on the arms of the cross don't appeal to me, but it's distinctive.
Tony, I think we are heading to the other post with this. My apology to Melissa about the side conversation here. I think that where you might run into opposition Tony is that the cross that many of us identify as the Maltese Cross has been identified as just that for so long. This next part is strictly hypothetical, but what if for hudreds of years everyone was calling the pick head axe just the axe. Then here in modern times people are doing research and say "hey, the real name for it is the pick head axe not the axe" people would still probably just call it the axe even though there is true distinction. I guess that probably wouldn't draw quite as much argument as the Maltese Cross/Firefighter's Cross differences. That was just a quick example I could think of. As I've said, I don't really try to argue one way or the other, I just like being in the conversation. I like to point out some of the things that you've shown me and let people draw their own conclusions. Anyway, Melissa I hope my examples below help a little and I again apologize for getting a little off topic.
Tony, would the example below be too fancy?

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