I am posting this for anyone interested in helping a fellow brother in need.   One of my local brothers is in desperate need of our thoughts, prayers, and any support any would be willing to give.  You can find out more here:


From the website:

On 1/2/10 John Knighten, a firefighter in Spokane Washington, while on duty was rushed to the ER unable to breath. John's airway had closed
due to an infection called Epiglotitious and he was intubated in the
operating room in order to save his life. He spent the next seven days
in ICU where his wife begged doctors to carefully review his medical
history. John had recently battled other infections including three
severe cases of pneumonia in a thirteen month period. She felt that
something was being missed, his immune system seemed compromised and she
was positive there was an underlying cause. Sadly, further blood-work
and testing confirmed  that John had Multiple Myeloma, a serious form of
blood plasma cancer.  

This has been a devastating shock to the Knighten family.  John and his dear wife Shawna are the parents to three beautiful young girls: ages 9, 7, and 3.  If John passes away, his youngest daughter may
not remember him.  This is a particularly heartbreaking concept as
John lost his own father when he was just five years old. 

He was the inspiration when John joined the Marine Corps in 1986.  After serving for four years with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, he joined the Spokane Fire Department in 1994 where he was voted Top

John loves his job and has had no problem putting his life on the line for thousands of men, women and children during his military and firefighting service.  He is a true hero, loved by many. We
ask now that you help us save John.  

Two urgent bone marrow transplants are imperative in the fight to save John's life.  Though health insurance covers part of the treatment, the hospital will not agree to schedule the
surgeries until the Knighten family can pay the difference up front. 
The total cost of the two surgeries and recovery is nearing $500,000 and
miscellaneous treatment will surpass even this.  Doctors believe the
transplants will dramatically increase John's life expectancy and may
even place him into a remission status. 

Please help us help John, a man who has risked his life for so many.  Your donation and/or helping us get the word out would mean so much to the Knighten family. 

Thank you for your time, love, prayers and support.

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Thank you Chief Mike France.
I am sure John would be very proud of you for doing this for him. I wish I was able to assist, but I most certainly wish him all the very best. It is terribly sad ( in my opinion at least) that the health care system is such that the family must come up with a million dollars to keep their loved one alive. I am fortunate that I won't have to deal with that type of system, although I do know of people who have had to, but most certainly not to this degree. I wish YOU all the best, and my thoughts and prayers go out to brother John.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. The family can use the positivity from fellow brothers and sisters :)
do you have an address where we can send donations or more info on donating the bone marrow? i was in the military as well and now i am a DOD firefighter so seems like we have lead the same life.
Nathan, I am not sure of an address at this time...but I know if you are near any US Bank branch there is an account number on the website http://www.savejohnknighten.com/ that you can direct deposit to. I will try to find out if there is an address though. Thank you :)
i hope he gets better
Thank you both DeAnna and JTFD :)
This hits me a little harder then most, for I two have three little girls and my name is the same. I as well have had trouble breathing in the past and present as well as am prone to pneumonia. I cant read this with out a tear reminds me of myself in many ways. I will definatly save this web address and bring it up with our Dept as well as the members of the motorcycle club I am with. I dont know if any of us can help, but for sure, I will send a prayer up for his family, friends, and all others affected by this situation, as well as bring it up with our church for on going prayer. May God bless him and keep him in good spirits, even if it will be hard.

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