Helmets? turtle shell or the new yorker style? what keeps your safe and which do you preffer?

I personally like the new york style helmets, Paul Conway style. When I was a kid my pops had the turtle shell and when i joined my dept, thats what I wore as a probie and when I became a full fledged firefighter I recieved my new yorker style, have to admit the new yorker looks better and is more tradional firefighter in my book. What is your opinions on both subjects. If these post "helmets and boots," are repeated post, disreguared commenting.

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I can see how the turtle shell is a little safer, with its smoothe surface it has fewer areas that a firefighter can get snagged on. Also they are a little lighter and more maneuverable which makes them ideal for extrication and working in confined spaces. But i prefer a more traditional look, i wear a cairn's 880 2009 edition.
To me just my two cents i can see where the turtle shell is lighter more maneuverable and better for confined space. But for House fires it seems to me the NY style would hold up better. But i could be wrong. I like the traditional look better. My department has the turtle shells and i have wore them for 9 years. But im thinking about going and buying my on NY style to use and see what they are really like in firefighting day to day.
I love the traditional style, Always have, and on top of that Im a leather head, My helmet is a true leather helmet, not a leather composit. In my opinonits the best way to go, it will most likely outlast my career, And they look pretty damn cool too.
To true, I'll weigh in my Leather Head to anyones Salad bowl, I guarantee it's lighter, seen more heat and will hold up better than the others, plus keeps the heat off of me... Even after the new chief bought new composites, I still use the Leather Head...
Fire helmet selection should be based on the design and features that best protect the firefighter.

1. If we had out act together, we would be using the MSA full face helmet worn all over europe.
2. We should support this style because it also incorporates a chrome mirror finish which reflects heat more efficiently than a black helmet with no reflective surface.
3. Traditional fire helmets afford no side impact protection.
4. Using leather helmets is just another way to provide long term exposure to hazardous substances that permeated the leather helmet. Remember, it's small quantities of exposure over a period of time that does some of the most damage to your internal organs and immune systems.
5. Decisions should be made using science, common sense and safety, not on fashion or how cool you look in the helmet.

Note: No one can take away how much cooler a leather Carnes helmet looks, I'll give you that. But the environmental health and safety side of me says to go with the same design afforded to fighter pilots. Don't be guilty of being a dinosaur, doing things just because that's the way we do it...

Head injuries, and exposures to the byproducts of combustion, namely organic vapors and mists, aromatic hydrocarbons, arsenic, etc. all can enter your body through dermal absorption, inhalation or injestion. In weird cases, injection is another pathway. Fully covering your head, where as you are aware, contains a lot of vasculature, which means lots of pathways for materials to absorb into the skin and make a bee line to target organs, where they do damage, real bad damage over long periods of time. For some people, even a small exposure can trigger a cancer cell reaction. It's a crap game depending on your genetic makeup.

Life is fragile folks. Do everything possible to both do the job and stay healthy. No one on their death bed will ever say, gee... I sure wish I had spent more time at work... Think about it.


Happy Holidays!

All I've ever worn is a Cairns 1010 in my fire dept. The paid ambulance service we wore the turtle shell I probably only wore it maybe a dozen times.
Well, we could be as radical as the Europeans, but hope not. When I retired, they gave me my traditional helmet. It hangs on my office wall, central with honors! I say it says "firefighter"! Now, getting down to safey, the full coverage helmet is probably better, but can't "style" sometimes trump "function"?
big picture Gary... probably not. the fire's we fight now are so much different than when fire helmets were first invented and manufactured. the amount of plastics, and other materials, most completely changing once exposed to pyrolysis creates unburned radical molecules that we not only get exposed to, but in unbelievable amounts. 30 years ago, when toxic exposures and firefighter's were first studied, there was not a device on the market that monitored air for specific hazards. one of the first handheld detectors for this was a modified Dust Buster vacuum, that had chemical specific sampling cartridges attached. and guess what? even with the archaic off the wall system, the detection tubes did accurately detect and measure the exposure. and guess what? within minutes, all the tubes were completely saturated to the point where they could no longer accept any more product... we got it... atmospheres firefighters are exposed to contain a whole hose of nasty things that unfortunately mutate into cancer(s). to not have the same vigilant attitude that we share fighting fires applied to how we protect one another is just... a shame and inexcusable... I know better, and now do does everyone else.

Bottom line... Don't be a slave to fashion! Rely on science, not how you look.

Understand your point and agree totally, however, I was just trying to lighten things up a bit. Humor is a good thing. I presently work in a chemical company, a leader in safety and expose issues, and I can assure you, your fire department is still way behind what exposures you may encounter! Some of the things we have in cans, trucks, UPS, tanker trucks and train cars would scare the snot out of most folks! You think your SCBA and turn out gear will take care of you, you better think again! I have seen materials like these "melt" when exposed to things being transported on our highways! There comes a point where the best just won't make it. Knowledge is your best safety weapon! If you could see the preparations I have to take to gain access to certain areas I work in, you would realize you wouldn't have to preach to me about exposure. One mistake and I'm dead, in seconds.
well fact of the matter is we are gonna get cancer from this job one way or another, be it from the things burning or from the cigarette we smoke after the fire is out, At least I'll look good while it do it.

What's most important is that when you come to the party, you dress appropriately. And yes, I too rely on humor to illustrate my point, lighten up the moment and share with you that all the stuff you referred to, you know... the methyl-ethyl-death or di-4-sureinol can get you!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

Im with ya Mike, I would rather wear a turtle shell and be alive then wear a traditional and look cool in my coffin.

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