Whats everybody think about their structural rated fire fighting helmets.  We use Cairns 1010's and I personally don't know what to think.  They look nice, the traditional look, but at the same time the eagle that holds the leather shield is a snag point.  And they seem awfully heavy.  I like them but would like to know what everyone else thinks between the "traditional" or the "modern" helmets.  Thanks everyone.

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me personally i like the traditional stly helmets ive used both modern and traditional my traditional is a little heavier but i think it provides more protection to me.
Those are bad ass looking. Who makes those?
Looks to be a very versatile helmet . could be very handy for MVA's and/or rescue plus structure fires and wildland fires . I would not tease you guys on being progressive.

Personally, if given the chance, I would love to have been able to wear and use one of these on the fireground. Yes, they are the type of helmets used in France and from a post I did last year, some people thought that using this style of helmet is just... un-american besides being non-traditional. Funny thing though is that the helmets are made by MSA, an American owned company that sells things, like helmets to France.

Thumbs up for being progressive and leading the fire service into the future, not following!

I've tested one and didn't like it. It was heavy, bulky, restricted hearing, and was difficult to adjust so that it didn't dislodge my mask when crawling.
I use a 'jet-style' kevlar helmet made by Pacific, and another by PAB (the European style a few have mentioned above).

The Pacific helmet is pretty good, but it's getting a bit old now and when it gets super-hot the kevlar gets soft. The PAB is made of a special composite plastic that can withstand extreme temperatures, but it is quite heavy.

I have used the Gallet before. Very nice helmet... Very expensive helmet... I only use the 'jet-style' helmets tho, and there are a lot of different ones on the market now.

MSA may be an American owned company, but the Gallet is made in India.
The SCBA set has special clips instead of the normal head straps so you can clip it on without removing your helmet, works brilliantly. Of course you can still wear a conventional SCBA set under the helmet like you would with any other style of helmet.
The big advantages are that it is quick to put on and take off and far more comfortable.
I'm not sure that the clip-on mask would be legal in the US, given our fit-testing requirements.

I'd question having my SCBA mask clipped to the helmet where even a slight falling object impact on the helmet would also potentially dislodge the mask.

Is this ever a problem with the helmet/mask clip-on system?
No, never. One of the advantages of this style of helmet is that they are far more secure on the head. The mask itself tends to hold the whole setup firm.
I haven't looked to see if MSA provide this feature on their Fire Knight helmet (which is "street legal" in the US) but the helmets appear to have the clips fitted to them.
I have a Paul Conway 1044 with Borks. Love it. Before that I had a modern style. Will never go back. I feel the helmet I have now gives me more protection for the old noodle.

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