Whats everybody think about their structural rated fire fighting helmets.  We use Cairns 1010's and I personally don't know what to think.  They look nice, the traditional look, but at the same time the eagle that holds the leather shield is a snag point.  And they seem awfully heavy.  I like them but would like to know what everyone else thinks between the "traditional" or the "modern" helmets.  Thanks everyone.

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I liked my 1010 but I love my New Yorker...Leather forever
Well, I have a Bullard traditional with the built-in light made into the helmet. I must say I like having the light in the helmet and it's not really heavier than any other helmet I've used, and I've not seen any difference with the eagle on top being a snag point. I used to wear a metro style helmet with my old dept. I don't really like the metro style helmets and it's not just because of looks. I like the idea of having a little more between what's falling on me and my noggin. Also the metro style I had wasn't really any lighter than the traditional I have now, although advances in materials may be the reason for that. But the brim in the back also seems to be longer and have a better function in keeping crap from going down your back with the traditional over metro style rear brim. I guess when it gets right down to it we all have our preferences and mine is the traditional, at least until I can afford a leather LOL.
Like Chris said Leather Forever... But if your department doesnt allow them I would have to say Ben II would be the way to go. I tried these out a few times at live burns and they didnt seem to bad. I think they fit better on your head than a 1010 (thats just my opinion though to some they may not) and werent to heavy and also have the traditional look. Plus I was on a huge FDNY kick (still am) and figured Id get use to a Ben II if I ever got the chance to work there since through the academy and your probie time I believe you have to.
1010s. Are fine helmets. I had one for awhile, no problems. We use tradionals and guys
buy leathers. That tank on your back is a bigger snag problem than the eagle.
Train to deal with snags on it & you'll do fine.
The newer "Stealth" cylinders take care of that problem. They're short enough that traditional helmet brims don't hit them, even when you are crawling.
My Department just changed over from Bullard's to Cairns 1010 Defenders, and apart from the fact that they are a little heavier than the bullard, I like them. The traditional look is great and the Defender Visor is a good feature, although we did have to order nose pieces so they don't hit the top of your nose so hard when you pull it down.
You can adjust the swing on the Defender eye shields to prevent them from hitting the nose.
Thanks, I will check that out.
I personal have the modern style bullard and do not like them.
I don't personally have Defenders on my leather, but we have them on our issued helmets and I know that they have an adjustment feature. I'll check with our Supply guy and see if I can get you more info.
Thanks, have a great evening.
we wear the fire knight helmets. I know its more of a European style but I like it. Some other departments try to tease us from breaking from tradition. but they are super comfortable they have built in safety glasses for when your doing none air pack duties.

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