Right now im sporting a morning pride ben 2 helmet with the 4 inch faceshield. the problem im having is finding a light and holder that is relatively low profile that will work with the facesheild. my problem is i cant stand having a light stuck way out the side of my head or up high where they can get tangled. one system im looking into is the S.A.R products helmet light system. does anyone have any good suggestions ( and maybe some pics)? 

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Nope. Our gear comes with a D-ring on the right side of the chest where our flashlight is attacked and secured with a velcro strap. Sorry but helmet lights - to ME - are bells and whistles. I can either manually aim my flashlight or remove it from my jacket, I'm not performing surgery, under most conditions either there's plenty of light or zero viz and it matters not whats on my helmet or my jacket: zero viz is zero vis.
I have been using the inner tube with the garrity lite on my VFD helmet and also use the fox fire or fire fox (can't remember brand) LED on my career helmet. Both work fine and I have never had a problem with either getting hung up, in the way ete etc. Been doing this job for a looong while. I also carry a flashlight on the coat. The use of the a light is not just for fires and zero vis.
I'd look into the streamlight 4aa luxeon light with the blackjack mount. I have one on my helmet and I love it. It is tucked under the brim of the helmet and stays out of the way, yet it is very bright.
Agreed. I have nothing on my helmet. I have a stream light on my turnout coat and that's all I need. Weird how the new people at small departments are the ones that have the most gadgets.
Yup austin forgot about that one. One of our members uses it and it works very well.
Weird how the new people at small departments are the ones that have the most gadgets

Wait until you see them coming.
http://www.thefirestore.com/store/category.cfm/cid_94421_polytac/ try this site. . as far as a helmet light it is a great thing, it keeps both hands at the task your doing instead of having one hand holding a light and only one hand to work with, also being attached to your helmet means the light is shinning where your looking and there is no need to hold one. . being in a smaller department means lots of country roads and back roads so there is very little light as it is. which being on a big city department has lots and lots of lights all over so they dont have to worry about extra stuff like small town departments. ill take my small town and department. more and more departments are making these a normal equipment because it makes since to have TWO hands to work with instead of ONE.
I use the Command 20 made by Fox Fury on my helmet. Even through rugged RIT training in a wire box, I have never had it get snagged on anything. I also have a stream light on my coat.

I use the streamlight vantage...love it. bright, small, and tough.

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