A firefighter can now be fired for even possessing the camera on duty, and the Captain is responsible for ensuring compliance.

There are those who consider this to be censorship and a first amendment violation. Others are applauding this rule to limit the liability of a department when the feces strikes the rotary oscillator.

My department, while not prohibiting the camera, has instituted a rule prohibiting the posting of incident images on-line, and also the posting of call information, comments about another member/employee on sites such as Facebook.

I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this one.


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I like seafood and I like to swim and boat, but that's about as close as it gets.
When you played football, was it illegal to film certain members of the team or the fans?
Were you trying to film the game while playing your position?
While playing football, were you taking combustible plastic components into burning buildings?

Even the NFL doesn't use helmet cams...the XFL tried it, and we see how long that league lasted.
The NFL understands that being a cameraman distracts you from being a football player, just as a helmet cam distracts you from being a firefighter.
A more philosophical issue I have regarding helmet cameras is this one;

If you don't have a helmet camera, not only will you be focused on your job, but you will be focused on playing your assigned team role.

If you have a helmet camera, there is a giant temptation to make what you do about you, instead of about your team.

If you're using a Search Camera or Thermal Imaging Camera to locate a victim, that's different, but when the video is about you, sorry, I don't want you on my team. I want team members that are focused on their surroundings and doing their share of the teamwork, not engaging in self-glorification at the expense of the rest of the team.
Without water and firefighters, why would we need buckets?
But...but...we run so many calls that we don't have time to slow down for controlled intersections...honestly, Your Honor, why don't the plaintiff's attorneys understand?
There are Grand Master-level secret codes to get around that little problem. I know at least two. Want to know more?
Excuse me, but they call it YOUTube for a reason.
How long did it take to get the fatal beating of a young Chicago lad and recently the brutal rape of a 15 year old female in California up on youtube.
We can video it; but we can't stop it.
And THAT is the sickening part.
We can't let something get in the way of the great video.
We only post the videos on the site that we find posted on YouTube. We don't edit the video or the accompanying content, unless the wording is inflammatory (expletives, sexual, etc) in which case we would most likely not post the video at all.

We don't endorse products either. Again, what you see posted on FFN is the same as on YouTube.

The only purpose in adding to the serious discussion was to contribute to the discussion by provide another recent (at the time) video that is being used to show tips regarding truck company operations.
We don't edit the videos. We post them as found on YouTube. If you are serious in your inquiry, we suggest you contact the orginal poster of the video and/or the department involved. We suggest this course of action for anyone inquiring of any department's actions, or inactions.
Thought you might find this interesting:

DEPARTMENTAL ORDER NO. 148-09 October 27, 2009
Subject: Rules and Regulations 43:34: Recording Devices
Information: Members are to review Rules and Regulations 43:34 and officers are to
ensure full compliance. The rule states:
The use of any type of recording device by on duty members on Fire
Property or Vehicles is prohibited. Included are cameras, video
recorders, audio recorders and recorders on cell phones.
Members are prohibited from using these devices while on duty and
responding to or operating on incidents.
Unit officers may approve the use of cameras and/or recorders by on
duty personnel for photographing apparatus and members in nonemergency
situations. Otherwise, only personnel authorized by the
Chief of Fire Department may use recording devices under the
conditions specified when authorization is granted.
By order,

Can you feel the worm starting to turn?
I didn't say that FFN edited the videos, but someone obviously edited the one I linked above.
See, another rule put forth because of the foolishness of some individuals. Common sense people. The worst day of someones life doesn't need to be your "coolest call" on myspace. C'mon, lets use our heads a little bit, and maybe we can spend more time on things like firefighter safety and training, instead of how to limit the liability a few idjits cause

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