LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) -- These goats got a baaah-d idea from Mrs. O'Leary's cow.

A fire destroyed a barn near Laramie on Monday. Firefighters suspect some goats inside the barn started the fire by nibbling through electric heater cords or knocking down a heating lamp.

Barn owner Dale Wood says at least three female goats died in the fire.

Neighbors alerted Wood's son to the fire, who called firefighters and tried to put out the flames. Wood says the barn was a total loss.


Information from: Laramie Daily Boomerang - Laramie,

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Goats chew on things that's what they do. If you have a barn that has heat lamps that can be knocked over or wires that can be chewed by goats it's your fault not some animals. TCSS
thats why you are not suppose to have exposed wires in a barn.... no matter what not even in a horse barn are you suppose to have exposed wires anywhere. I mean that would be the owners faults. not the animals for being animals you know.
Coming from a not only a firefighters, but an electricians viewpoint, Shouldn't they have put all wiring in conduit to keep the animals from gaining access?? this is why people should not be able to do thier own wiring.
Damn goats shouldn't be playing with matches. Worse than kids.
Whats really interesting is that not too long ago we had a squirrel start a fire by jumping on top of a transformer, falling to the ground and starting the grass on fire!
Squirrels shouldn't be playing with electricity either ;oP
The electrical aspect should already be covered in a code of some kind. What we obviously need now is something that will defend us from such a tragedy ever happening again. How about a federal mandate requiring muzzels on goats left unattended within five feet of an electrical device? That idea is just stupid enough to catch their attention. Hope I havn't created a monster.
amen only in America can we figure out that it would be the best this way. but then what to do about those pesky rats and squirrels. maybe we should muzzle everything. and if you have never raised goats, they would eat the conduit also.
Would this be considered suicide by the goats? Sick Bill! It is sad though for the goats and the owners. Tragedy that has no solutions. Accidents happen every day. Gives OSHA something to develop stupid rules over. There's a waste of Gov money in an organization.
I must say as a goat farmer, I do not have electic near my goats, or any of my farm animals. Animals are always looking for things to play with or chew on, and they don't know the differance between a live wire or a stick.
Dang goats can't trust them at all LOL but really thats kinda sad that they lost some goats though.
So if they dont die, can we arrest them for arson?

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