Well it is me again and as many of you know I usually speak my mind....Sort of the nature of the beast I guess.....I joined this site quite some time ago to share and learn from other Firefighters across the world wide web not some wannabee.....Sometimes I get slammed for what I say and sometimes I get to be the point of the joke....So be it...It's the same in any Fire Station....I wouldn't expect it to be any different....Now for my gripe....why is it when someone posts something that is quite obviously BS and we comment on it in that manner...all of a sudden "Comments are closed for this thread" Or we are thanked for welcoming new members....Keep your sarcasm....if we can't use it then neither should you...Yes,Chief I am referring to you..I never thought that I would ever talk to a Chief in that manner..but then again you aren't my Chief.  I think maybe it is time to take a break here...so to all my "Friends" I will say so long...I may stop by to see what is happening but don't think I will be signing on any further...I tried to delete my "membership" here but couldn't so I will just be a silent observer......I thought freedom of speech meant something but guess not.....Have at it all you "Wannabees" guess this is your site not that of real Firefighters and EMS personell......Paul Montpetit  (Notice I signed my real name)

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Sorry you feel that way. Be safe out there!
Paul, Sorry to see you do this. I appriciate your candor and saying it like it is. Be safe Bro.
"I never thought that I would ever talk to a Chief in that manner..but then again you aren't my Chief."

I find it surprising that you are confusing a real "Fire" Chief with one that is web based, self appointed title. One deserves respect and the other is simply an annoyance for some. Please don't forget that it's the "real" firefighters here on the FFN that make the site. Not the web chief. He or she can always be replaced, we cannot because we are the heart and soul of the site. It's our time and experience in the field that enables us to have the insight when to call someone, including the sites web chief on how they run this site even though they may not like it. Freedom of speech goes both ways. The bottom line here is that we are all considered guests here, and it's senseless to spar with an invisible person who is an internet site administrator, not a fire chief. There is a huge difference.

Reconsider your decision(s) Paul, and remember that you are not the only real guy out there in a sea of wannabee's, who in many cases are just people waiting to get hired, somewhere, anywhere... Be patient Paul, we all have dreams.


CBz or my real name, Mike Schlags, Fire Captain (Retd.)
Hey Paul
I remember a post you wrote a while ago that discussed this very thing. And I said that I was right behind you out the door. I think I will stick it out a bit longer now, though.
As mentioned, reconcider your decision. The more "real" guys in here, the better. I know many were thinking the same thing, but it took you to bring it to light. Stick around and see if something comes of this. I know..I doubt it too.
If not, take care man.
There once was a guy named Paul.
Web chief drove him up the wall.
So he started a thread
and when finished had said
goodbye, goodbye to you all.
"Or we are thanked for welcoming new members....Keep your sarcasm....if we can't use it then neither should you..."

I agree, I must say you're quite welcome. (Had to do it here, cause the other thread was clos... well you know)

Apparently we're supposed to be supportive and welcoming of bullshit posts, at least that's what I'm gathering? "Honey I don't know why you got in trouble for saving an entire family by yourself but we all believe you and welcome to the site"
I agree that the BS post need to stop. as do the repeated posts about what type of blue light people should run. id much rather read about new techniques or other experiences people have had than what color helmet and gear you wear and what brand of radio i should buy.
Sorry to see you go Paul. I think you made your point, why not stick around for awhile?
I must say that I feel you are taking the wrong track. What you do is far more valuable than your not being here. I appreciate your comments. I have disagreed with you, taken shots at you and chuckled at what you have written. I for one would like you to keep it up. The more guys that have faith in the fire service, experience on the fire ground and know their profession the better this site is able to slowly lift the general knowledge and skill level of those that are interested.
I like you feel people that have input should take the time to research what they are asking or saying, spell words correctly and use some fashion of grammar. I don't mind telling a new guy from Paris or Mandan or Medicine Hat what color of helmet I wear and why, if they are reading the site they will learn some tools use, training and tactics as well.
I was a bit taken back when the moderator shut down those posts; they were stupid, the girl needed to know that. Just like the fire house, if you have thin skin, get out of the firehouse or shut up. Listen then ask intelligent, well thought out questions, and of course spell it correctly!
In short Paul, hang in there and try to change through discussion what you do not like. Thanks Brother.
I just skip most of the posts that seem to be over the top and just don't read them. As for the spelling and grammar part of the problem it's only going to get worse. People, espically young people, think that on the internet they should type like they are writing text messages. I see that a lot, on facebook, myspace, and a lot of other social networking sites. I've even caught myself doing it and have to go back and retype to make my posts more presentable. My spelling is not perfect but then again I don't say me 2 or c u l8ter. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny. But that's how I handle it just skip the posts that seem to be over the top or beaten into the ground.
Paul, I enjoy you. I enjoy the many facets that make you who you are and what you bring to this site. And we all know there are moments when we want to wring your neck too ;-) But if you must go, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

I am new-ish on this site. But not new to the fire service.

I can not stand to watch the public beatings - even of idiots - since there is a way to privately contact the FFN Webmaster and they can deal with it behind the scenes. I appreciate FFN providing a forum for free for our learning, socialization, and entertainment.

I think it is the perfect choice for the webmaster to close threads when they have turned into witch hunts, especially when the conversation goes so far beyond basic human respect. Most of us have been in the fire service long enough to know that there are quacks, and even mental illness, in every setting. I would never stand personally in a group of FFs and watch them beat another human being, no matter how appropriate the beating may seem, and it makes me sick to watch those I respect on here do it.

One can always choose the option "if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all."

I hope that more of the seasoned members reflect professional leadership towards us (the) younger and newer and perhaps even less-knowledgeable or even more dramatic members. I am getting pretty skilled with avoiding the lunatics on here. I believe others on this site can also swerve to many other things on this site without getting into huge ridiculous fights with cuckoo for cocoa puff people.

I hope you stay and are just more wise in your selections of interactions to better serve your needs. Lots of the discussions on here are narrow in the population that they serve, but that is fine - to each his own. You don't have to leave a store just because they sell items you don't want to buy and they serve customers that you don't want to hang out with. But if you must, see ya. Nice knowing ya. Thanks for the wisdom and spice you added to my life and this website.
Hey Wade!Whatever, dude! I was there too! Remember me the guy that gave CPR to the cat that lived at the orphanage! All by yourself, sheesshh.....


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