Just a simple question and a bit of a brain teaser. This was brought up by one of our crew at last practice and I am curious. If you take two hose lines the same size with the same psi at the pump and same nozzles, straight stream on both 20 feet out and 20 feet up and cross those streams, will the streams be forced into one stream or will they go through each other and carry on to their intended target?

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Try it and see what happens.
Do you know? We will try it when the weather is better but until then i am curious if anyone knows forsure.
I'm pretty sure that the impingment will not allow them to cross nor will it be one stream it will turn to a "foggish" pattern.Of course it would depend on the angle that the two streams meet.If they are side by side then they will turn to one stream.never done it with these precise numbers as an experiment but have crossed strems on the fire ground and it did neither of what you said.
When someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!

Sorry, favorite line.

Using lower pressure and smaller hoses, the streams become one, albeit not a very good one. More like colliding waterfalls. Not sure how increased pressure and larger lines would work though. I'm gonna have to try this one out just for fun!
The two streams will splatter each other. They will only combine when gravity is an assist (aimed downward), and the angle is not too acute.
I'm with Richard on this one. "Foggish"
They just hit and break up . If I remember from watching water battles. In water battles you have 2 strait tip nozzles (the small brass ones ) with the same size openings and a keg or ball suspended on a cable. With a team on each side you try to push the keg or ball to the other teams side. If you've never done it its a blast!

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