In this section we are going to cuss and discuss Ground Ladder Operation on and off the fire scene and the proper techniques used and the safety that must be done, when working on or around ground ladders. For you lifers out there like myself feel free to give some insight and share your knowledge and lead the way and mold some of these young minds in here...
Training is knowledge!!!! And knowledge keeps us safe!!!!

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Don't have any pics for ya, but the ladder can also be used in salvage and overhaul by using it as a support for the tarp when used as a water shute to reduce water damage to floors below. Maybe water is leaking through the ceiling. You can use,for example, a folding ladder placed under the leak and have your tarp and pike poles hooked to one of the rungs and set up so the water drains out the window.( appologies...long day so not very technical)
or use a roof ladder set up as a bridge from stairs to windows with the tarp on it to act as a trough.
(again......I'm doing good just to get basic english down)
On a multi sectional extension ladder, how would you treat the halyard cable. This is a legitimate question that I don't know the answer to. We salt our roads in the winter, so there's (supposed to be) a lot of washing. Would the wax coating be good here too?
Dang, that is some hot exhaust as per a discussion I had with Alcolite it doesnt change colors until it is exposed to over 325 F.
Yeah, as bad luck would have it we set the ladder with the label right over the exhaust. But Diesel exhaust can get pretty hot.
where are his gloves?
Most ladders produced now, I believe, use a coated steel cable for the upper-most section of the hailyard line. As far as the lower section of the hailyard, most are made with either a natural or synthetic rope. In either case if it appears frayed of damaged or unbraided the safest idea would be to replace it. I would think a wax coating would become more of a hinderance due to the fact that the rope would tend to freely slip from your hands while trying to extend the ladder.
And gloves...LOL..Good eye guys...

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